Friday, December 18, 2009

Another Set of Reasons it Sucks Being Born on Christmas

Y'all remember when I wrote about it in 2004...

Here are some more thoughts to reflect on:

When you are in your mid 30's (like my age now and not a kid at heart) you have a hard time convincing small children that your birthday is on Christmas.

It's like, "Yeah, you know what Christmas Day is too, right?"

"Santa's Birthday?"

Blank stare...

"No... what?"

And then you tell them... and they are like, "Nah, ah... it's not your birthday, no one has a birthday on Christmas"

It's funny... and I guess if I was some sort of narcissist I would keep the argument going, but you let it go. They get presents and share a birthday cake.. :) But it is hard for your kids to understand the day from your perspective. I don't expect much anymore for my birthday other than to be around family, drink fine wine and just be.

My son is 3 and he is getting all wrapped up in the concept of Christmas Day and the Santa myth. I took him to see Santa last Saturday for the first time. He didn't quite get the fact that you had to ask an old man in a Santa suit for a "Batman Cave" in order to actually get it. And that you had to put a tree up for Santa to bring presents. And that you needed to put stockings up by the fireplace so Santa knew to come there and bring stuff down... And this all happens on one day and not any other time. He has been insisting tomorrow is Christmas for the past few weeks.

And then he has the revelation that it is your birthday and it is a total mind &$%# for him. No he says, Christmas is Christmas and your birthday is tomorrow... Everything is tomorrow I guess when you are three.

The other thing I notice this time of year is the reminder for like 4 months now that it is your birthday. In September, after Labor Day in between the Halloween decorations, Christmas seems to come a bit earlier each year, like on Sept 15 after the back to school sales are over. Let's not wait for summer to officially end Sept 21, let's throw the decorations up now before Oct 1. Earlier and earlier each year until they just start January 15th with 345 days till Christmas sales.

But for the Chrismas baby, it is another year older, for 4 months straight. Four months to relfect on the fact that I am going to be 36 this year. Too old to make the major leagues, almost old enough to make the Senior PGA tour. I have descended into my Fat Elvis Years. Thanks for the 4 month reminder each and every year.