Sunday, September 30, 2007

This Is Liberalism's Biggest Problem

They're sheep. Find something like this and the herd circles around.

Freaking hilarious... Free your mind people...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nothing To Write About... And A Sort Of Homecoming...

Do not... I repeat, do not bank or do anything involving money with Chase. Ruined my day. They lost a customer today and I hope to take a few more with me when it is said and done. Revenge is a bitch. (FYI, the online tool they have does not work and it should not be trusted. Don't try it! I did...)

But tomorrow is a new day... with my beautiful wife and child. Everything will be as it should... again. No one was hurt.

Any of you catch Heroes last night? That show is the shit... If you missed it visit

Yesterday I drove to Redding and back. 350 miles (no airport) Redding is a cool place. It is so un-California yet is in an area that is known for it's "California Beauty". The Cascades start right there from Mount Lassen in the East and Mount Shasta, second tallest in the lower 48, to the north. And then all the forests and farmland. People are just different up there. There is still a whole lot of trust in people. You could leave your bike unlocked at the coffee shop. There is no gang violence and no graffiti. And if you worked for the government or were a teacher you can afford a nice place to live and have a nice car. The city of 100,000 is not ruined by it's recent growth which I think comes from it's placement 200 miles from anywhere. I saw some old customers, people that sort of renewed my ambitions to my current job and how far I have come from where I was. Most of you don't know but I sell chemicals... car wash stuff. I not only get desired results with clean cars but I really analyze businesses and show how people can make more money either by saving labor or increasing revenues. I haven't revolutionized the business in any way but I have been an influence. One of my old customers wanted to treat me to lunch but I wouldn't let him. It was weird how I fell into my old self helping one business at time when I would make trips up there 4-5 years back. I am glad our new guy can come to enjoy these people and what I was able to accomplish back then.

Boy though... My back cannot take a five hour of driving like I used to. My toes on my left foot are killing me. Both arms have gone numb off and on today, If I sit in a chair and put on my shoes, my lower back feels as if someone is trying to pry my soul from my body. I wish I could drive the Porsche for work everyday. It's been chilly the past few mornings and the fronts seats have warmers. They make your ass feel so good when you crank them to 5. You just melt into the seat while you sweat so you open the sun roof and drive fast. Well I drive fast... getting on the freeway is so much fun. And it is so comfortable...

Elijah is amazing... in 5 weeks he has gone from crawling and just sitting around to a rampaging, maniacal toddler with no fear... Totally different person. I made Penne Pasta with meat sauce this evening. I love pasta night and I fear messy babies. So the kitchen gets an extra clean while the wife gets the baby washes and out of the orange clothes. I could never work at a restaurant. I don't like other people's food, even if it's my family's. I cannot eat left overs. I do okay with the dishes.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Lesson In Great Parenting...

After assisting Elijah maybe 20 times up this slide, he decides to do it himself. I think about it for a second and I wonder, is this one of those proud moments like..."Hey, my kid is the best!" Or... is it normal for kids to do this at 13 months?

He even went down headfirst by himself which he has never done with assistance!!

This was the best video I got before he tripped and fell and got a little bloody nose. Then he went to the swing and showed an 8 month old up.

Here he is swinging... still a little blood in his snot nose:

Thursday, September 20, 2007

This Is Far Too Classic

Watch Hillary's eyes spin.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Freaking Pain...

Jesus Christ...

Ever since Elijah had that little seizure (heh... like the pizza Little Caesar's) a couple of weeks back, I have been in constant pain. Oh my God!! I have been sucking down up to (but not exceeding) four vikes a day and the shit doesn't stop.

Today was an office day so I have been in my perfect chair except for when I went to the bank. I drove around 100 miles yesterday in my shitty company vehicle. That car is killing me. So I bitched and complained about it. The left side of my body from head to toe freaking aches in every joint. Elbow hurts. Hand hurts. Hip... legs, toes and wrist.

Damn this sucks.

Monday, September 17, 2007

My Thoughts On The Juice

I remember sitting in front of a record store in the Modesto Mall watching this dude in his slow white bronco memorized that somebody like that could be going through this. I remember this day because I just bought The Offspring's Smash album. I remember listening to the record all the way back to my then girlfriend's house. (No relation to my current girlfriend, Darling Wife). Then once there, we flipped back on the TV to watch the chase.

Then the next year through the summer I watched the trial unfold. I watched it a lot that summer. I ran this arcade in college and we had this TV. The students coming in and out for some reason would want it on. We'd run it and sell stamps. The debates would fly back and forth. I always took the side as, what if he didn't do it? I did it so much I became convincing. I came up with the gloves don't fit, you must acquit line in my head before Johnny Cochrane did.

Then the dude was found not guilty. I remember watching the verdict and watching this whole crowd of students cry when he was acquitted. I thought, "How lucky was I to have this job in the middle social spot of the campus with all this history?" Then after I graduated when I lived in So Cal, I drove from where the murder took place to his house to see how far it was. It really wasn't. Especially if there was no traffic. Kind of crazy because his ex wife lived on a busy ass street.

Over the years my thoughts of the case change. For the longest time I could go either way. I saw both sides and in my mind from what I read and what I was forced to watch that summer at the arcade job, I could make the case for OJ's guilt or innocence. If you absorbed that trial like I did, whether watching or directly or hearing it while filling the dollar changer with quarters, it was easy to make either case. I can say I was above average on the case.

Now it's straight up guilty. And even better, the dude commits armed robbery in Vegas. Holy Shit! What a fucking soap opera. It's been what 13 years. It's about time we had a trial of the century in Vegas. Who are the players now? Greta Van Susteran even had her face remade for this. Roger Cossack still alive? All these news people who got their careers from this case now have a chance to relive the moment.

So let's see, we have 6 felonies? OJ is up for 30 years. And no bail unless he can miraculously come up with the 33 million to pay off the Goldman's. I think... finally this guy will get some justice. I'd feel bad for Fred Goldman especially if his son's killer never got what coming to him before he passed on. Yet, there is that little side of wondering if the Juice is going to shake loose of this some how and get away. Pretty interesting little scenario here.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bad Putter....

Worms eye view of a bad putt. Watch as I chunk the green behind the ball.

I shot this around 7 weeks ago. I forgot I had it on my camera when I cleared it off. It's quite funny watching the laughter and ridicule I receive from my friends. I should have made it. I think it was like 7, 8... maybe 10 feet. I like the amateur effect I got with the lighting too. All you see is the sunset and our shadowy figures.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Steve Gets Side Stepped... with a Smart Assed Answer

I was beat by an older lady yesterday.

I was at the airport on my way to another state. I was supposed to leave from a certain gate. However a competing airline to the one I was going to be flying on was still at our gate. And we were rapidly approaching our boarding time.

So I was walking to the counter and this lady walks up in front of me cutting me off. She was on my plane. She asks the attendant about our gate and our plane. The attendant says, "I don't work for the airline you are flying on. I don't know what is going on. Go check with your airline."

And before I can spit it out... the lady who cut me off says, "I guess working for an airline who's always late makes you people bitter."


I watched "Next" with Nicolas Cage and Jessica Biel on the way home this afternoon. Anyone else notice that Jessica Biel is super fine?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh The Hillarity...

People it's Steve Fossett... Not Steve Faucet... 200 misspelled hits...

I just love it when things like this happen to this blog. This occurs a few times a year. 200 hits since Sunday.

Thanks for stopping in though... The power of Steve's Blog rules the internet. One little blog that could.

Oh... check out Blackle. It's the more environmentally friendly version of Google. Supposedly saves a bunch of watt hours because your computer is not using a white background, thus saving electricity. Great for the hippies and Teeny down in the Bay Area! The Bay Area... ah... the most ludicrous place on the planet when it comes to "green". The only place you'll see a Sierra Club bumper sticker on an SUV.

Anyone else see the last two minutes of the 49er's game last night? Wasn't that fucking awesome? Never say never...

I go now...

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hit Number 60,000

From France!!!

Someone looking for Steve Fossett, the billionaire aviator who is lost in Nevada.

However the funny part, they searched Steve Faucet. I was the fifth hit where I wrote my now infamous "How To Install An IKEA Faucet" post.

Thank you IKEA for frustrating all of us with your stupid metric system. Thank you French people for being French.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fred Thompson For President

"Russians don't take a dump, son, without a plan."

Today is the dawning of a new age. We here at Steve's Blog want to make an official endorsement of Fred Thompson for President. Fred made his official announcement tonight on Jay Leno.

Big freaking news. We are all winners if he wins. (No Hillary!!) And when we wins, America wins!!!.

It's Reagan part 2 now bitches!!!
Prosperity for all!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Everything Is As It Was...

Well... the holiday is over. DW came home from work with Elijah. I had a hot pot of pasta going. We sat down and ate as a family. Elijah smiled and threw his pasta around the room and Trisha ate all of it off the the floor. One small yet happy family... Mom with the baby... Dad with his wine and Elijah being happy.

All is well...