Thursday, September 13, 2007

Steve Gets Side Stepped... with a Smart Assed Answer

I was beat by an older lady yesterday.

I was at the airport on my way to another state. I was supposed to leave from a certain gate. However a competing airline to the one I was going to be flying on was still at our gate. And we were rapidly approaching our boarding time.

So I was walking to the counter and this lady walks up in front of me cutting me off. She was on my plane. She asks the attendant about our gate and our plane. The attendant says, "I don't work for the airline you are flying on. I don't know what is going on. Go check with your airline."

And before I can spit it out... the lady who cut me off says, "I guess working for an airline who's always late makes you people bitter."


I watched "Next" with Nicolas Cage and Jessica Biel on the way home this afternoon. Anyone else notice that Jessica Biel is super fine?

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