Friday, August 29, 2008

Goodbye To Mozilla

At least on my Mac.  

What a pile of crap!  It keeps freezing even with every fix or upgrade or whatever...

But not Safari.  Safari is crisp and fast.

I wonder what he thought when he read that.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Comment Moderation

For those that like the freedom of use of my blog... I have had to temporarily turn on comment moderation...

If your comment doesn't appear for a while... it's me checking the moderator.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lesson in the Environment...

So like this year there is the 2nd most loss of artic ice since September of last year... Since they started tracking this shit since 1979

According to this article...


29 years... Let's see...

I have a few questions:

There was 2 million square miles of ice, versus 1.65 million in the worst year, last year. So great, there was like a 25% "improvement" in the amount of ice since last year. Isn't that good?

The earth is 4.5 billion years old and we are looking at the last 29 years? How many years in 4.5 billion was there no ice?

When there was a lot of ice, America had a much greater immigration problem from a supposed land bridge via Alaska and there would be no shows like, Deadliest Catch!! Wouldn't that suck?

29 years of scientific research and we laugh at Christians who feel the earth is 6000 years old, who laugh at Scientists who say the earth is 4.5billion years old?

What is the average mean level of the ocean over the past 29 years?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Protest Zones?

I was reading in the local highly liberal free mag while eating a burger and something dawned on me:

The DNC in Denver this week to nominate Obama as their "official" candidate for President? And they are gonna have protest zones for all the hippie wankers with their war protests so they can be caged to make their point in a remote area far from the convention.


Name another country that sticks people in protest zones to shut them up from the action.

Can you think of one?

Aren't the Democrats progressive???

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Steve Goes Ballastic Again!

This will be quick because I am tired and have been working and driving all day.

I had a presentation to give. I needed it printed because I had to give it like in an hour. I ended up driving by my house because I knew Kinkos was there.

So I go in and hit their computer and print my long presentation, twice. I use Kinkos a lot because I can print a nice presentation and then I can have it bound all neat and stuff.

So I flag down one of the kids working there to get him to bind my copies quickly. He drops what he is doing and goes to work. No one is in the store but me and this other lady who is working with the other Kinkos dude on duty. So I sit and watch, looking at the time because I am running late and I heard there was a nasty wreck on 50. This kid had bound presentations for me before and he remembered me. I basically sat at the counter and waited.

A few minutes go by and I noticed a lady behind me in line. She says, "Excuse me!" "Are you the only two people working? " Both kids say yes, one minute... and she grumbles under her breathe, "I just need to pick something up."

Just then I noticed there is this huge print job in front of me and it looked like it was mine. So I turn nervously, with a smile to the lady, "I'm sorry, this isn't my project her, he is just about done with mine, I am sure he'll be ringing me up in 30 seconds or so, so you can get your stuff." I am a people person. I am generally nice and kind and can really really work a crowd.

Not today...

The lady snarls, "I WASN'T FUCKING TALKING TO YOU!!!"

And without missing a beat, I go..."I was just trying to help you out, go get a fucking life you bitch!!"

I turn back... and the dude was ringing me up with a big ole smirk on his face.

I wasn't done... I turned back because I was pissed and said, "Go get life you bitch!! Leave these nice kids alone".

Her come back... "I have a life and it is better than yours."

"Oh really..."I say,"Going to Kinkos and cussing out people in line in front of you... You are such a sweetheart, but it looks by your age, your life hasn't worked out for you..."

And I got my stuff.... and left.

This lady was a vile human being. She sucked. I hope I never see someone like her again...

People are people I guess.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


You wonder at this point what is the right step...

I have been carrying on four plus years with daily pain. The last two and a half with constant, chronic, pain through out my left side of my body. It'll cause me to limp like a troll, force off my guitar and make my golf game look shittier than it already is. It's hard to drive the 914, shifting gears and reaching out for the clutch. It's harder to drive period for long distances without some freaky pain in my arm.

Last week I woke up and my entire left arm was numb. I should tell you, this happens almost every day. Sometimes it's both arms. Sometimes it is my left arm and left leg. But last Thursday was a little different. Normally I wake up and just shake out the pain. By the time I reach the shower it is all gone.

But Friday was different. By the time I got into the shower, I was still numb. I remember pressing my hands against the cool shower wall and only feeling it with my left hand. I walked downstairs to find my hat and keys for my daily coffee ride. Still numb. I drove 10 minutes to Peet's Coffee... Still numb...

I left and came back... I had been up for an hour. Still numb.

The numbness never left my arm, it was crazy. I decided to make a call to the neurologist and report what was happening and basically get an appointment as soon as possible. I got one alright for tomorrow...

I sat numb all day in my left arm and hand until 4pm. That is when it finally just went away. Now I am stuck with this constant pain in my arm that no pain pill seems to numb. Self control is tough but I am hanging in there. I know if popped an extra pill I'd feel a bit better for a short time... But I won't. I stick with the prescribed limits on the bottle. I dare not become an addict. I don't even drink wine or beer much anymore. I am taking four different medications now. Vicodin for the stabbing pain that does go away. Tegetrol for attacking the pain in my nerves... Elavil to sleep as needed. And Celexa to reduce anxiety and depression. I have been with a psychologist the last 8 weeks.

Fucking eh... I am the bomb... literally.

So tomorrow, I get to point it all out... all the pain and how I feel that day and what went numb. Four years, no answers... two and a half really, really hard years enduring pain..

So I go back tomorrow for the next visit.

I wonder if he solved his plumbing problem with my suggestion?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Look Who's Two!

Elijah is two years old today!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Another Quickie...

I was dead tired and in pain on the way home last night on the plane. This French Canadian lady sat behind me. I know she was French Canadian because she had a French accent and looked Canadian. French is the most annoying accent next to Filipino (lol).

Any how... no matter how many Scotches I drank, or how loud my iPod had to be turned up with Rage, I could not drown out her obnoxiously loud voice. All she did was jump seats and take pictures of the clouds. There was 23 people on the plane and she was freaking annoying.

I quietly turned around and asked her to please use her "inside voice".

I felt good.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Quickie

Okay... I fly a lot.

I can recite a hybrid version of Southwest's, Delta's, Alaskan's and Frontier's safety speech at the beginning of each flight. How they verify the ages of people in exit rows.

I totally tune out... I figure if the plane goes down, I am fuct any way.

So today I am glazed over listening to the safety speech on my flight to Colorado Springs... just thinking... The sooner you get this plane up, the sooner you'll out that coffee cart so I can get a cup and listen to my iPod.

So I am listening and the attendant is going through the water landing bullshit (the plane would break apart in a water landing) and she says, "Most seat cushions can be used as a flotation device."

Wait! What??? Most? Well... which seat isn't floatable? Am I in that seat? WTF? You warn us about the exits, the oxygen masks, how to evacuate but you won't tell us which seats can't be used as flotation devices?

And we all sit like she said nothing new....

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Steve Shares Some Acoustic Fun...

and pain... Holy crap this hurt my hands figuring this one out. Weird changes (not really, a G I vi IV V pattern is pretty common in rock music) But my pinky on my left hand is pretty much limp anyway and having to hold that on for the verses was difficult. Yeah I messed up the bridge but I am done trying to record the best recording. It sounds best actually on my 12 string. Unfortunately my pick up is not working.

Anyhow... here is Shallow, originally recorded by Unwritten Law.