Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday's Golf Highlights

The following are a couple of videos I shot a few hours ago at Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course with my friends Scott, Josh and Gary. We had a great day. It was the first day out this year pretty much for all of us so it was fun knocking the rust off. I am gonna be hating life soon with my neck already tightening up in pain. But we had a blast after a rough start for poor Gary nursing a monster hang over. A Heineken will turn around anyone's day as he nearly broke 90. Josh broke 90 with an 89 and Scotty and I rounded out the day at 102 and 104. 104 is great for me because I really really suck at golf and I am known for coming in at a decent bowling score on this course. Good times.

The first video is the Island hole 17th. It is a pretty stupid little 85 yard shot from the blue tees. That was one thing cool, we all had good scores from the blues for us. Usually I sink 5 or 6 balls into the water then end up giving up and throwing a ball from the drop area onto the green. So this was cool... Sorry for McShaky with the camera. My hands were in pain shaking by the end. But that isn't gonna stop me:

What's amazing is that I drop many F-Bombs the whole time here which is funny. I think the score card on F-Bombs was the following:

Scotty 10
Gary Maybe 1
Josh 4-5
Steve 486 or more if you consider the freakings too.

The next video, since 17 came out so well was the Par 4 18. We all hammer some interesting drives. Gary takes off first and he knocks his clearly over the lake. But notice with his swing, he is actually aiming and swings at the 9th fairway. Nails the 9th fairway bunker clear across the lake. Then when Josh starts to swing, and I am totally missing what is going on, Gary turns the cart around to go to the other fairway but is blocked by my cart.

We all take really good swings here. I have no idea what I am doing but I knocked the drives like this most of the day. It is the rest of the game and putting especially that I need to work on to break 100.

Dropping F-Bombs...NSFW.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Steve Rocks Out!!


Hard travel week. Last night and I work most of the day tomorrow before I fly back. I am at a city where when I heard the weather forecast today I laughed. They said it would be good for running on Saturday because it was going to be 17. Ouch!! What the fuck, am I picking up a Canadian station. Sure, it was out of Vancouver.

This song came on the radio after they said the weather. It was cool... I think I was like 8 or 9 when I first heard it back in the day when it came out. So I had to roll down the windows in my Jeep Commander I am renting when it came on and feel the breeze off the ocean. I don't know, the song is totally cheesy but it felt good to rock out even if it was Bryan Adams. I'll go back to my iPod and listen to Rage or the Mxpx version of this song to bring it all back.

This week sucks because I have had to keep my emotions checked while I deal with work. Thinking and doing a lot of fun things at work, doing what I do, but having to stop once in a while because of some creeping pain up my back or the fact that my left arm goes numb like it is now when I type. It sucks that the MRI is not showing me a path I can take to help myself out. I put work in check this week and did the right thing. But now, it's time to fly back home tomorrow afternoon and deal with it this weekend when I'll have no energy or will be hurting. I think I give each day 80% of my potential but I feel like I am making 150% effort. And by now, everyone I know, knows because they have seen me get out of a chair or a car the last 2 years. It is just tough.

It sucks...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

For Some Reason, I Don't Exactly Feel Better

I got the preliminary results back on my MRI I had last Thursday and it came back normal. Hmmm.... So now what?

The pain doesn't just suddenly go away now.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Shhhh.... Don't tell anybody!!!

I listen to the media a lot and read a lot of blogs. You can always see me in my office with Fox News on... I would say I am above average when it comes to being in the know of what is going on in the world.

One thing that has always puzzled me: Polls. Who the hell is answering the phone when CNN or Reuters or Newsmax for that matter, call and ask questions?

Think about this, almost everyone on the planet hangs up the phone on a telemarketer. Everyone. It does not matter who they are whether they a credit card company wanting to sell you shit you don't need, or some bullshit charity like the March of Dimes, or even the recorded phone call from your local former Basketball player/politician running for mayor. When they call you hang up, especially when there is that dead air when you say, Hello? Hello? and no one is there.

And DW is probably worse than me... But guess what?!?

Nielsen got through!! I don't know how they did it but we are now a Nielsen family and we have to report our TV watching over the next couple of weeks. Should be interesting since I am gone and I am the only that actually watches TV. Just check off CNN or FOX and see if Boston Legal and South Park are TiVo'd and we are all set on my end.

Any how... watch Obama give Hillary the finger:

Obama Gives Hillary the Finger - Watch more free videos

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Steve Falls From Grace...

I was heading downstairs this afternoon to see my boy and when I nearly got to the bottom, our stupid ass cat Jack decided to take me down. He has to know my leg is weaker on my left by now.

So as I stepped to get over the baby gate, which works better apparently laying on the stairs than actually up... Jack decided to run his little yellow ass under my foot. Trying not to step on him I tripped down the last 4 stair and landed flat on my face on the Pergo floor.

I hit the ground I said the only four letter word my son may know by now: Fuck!!!

My legs are freaking killing me!

Stupid ass, cat!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

MRI, New Pills, Etc...

I saw my neurologist this morning. Should have been a dermatologist with the out of control zit on my nose that I got last night. Must be stress...

Anyhow, confirmed my fears. My left side is noticeably weaker than my right. This causes me to limp when fatigued and is hampering my pinky finger notes on my guitar. So no Norwegian Wood right now on the guitar...

I got a new bottle of pills and they fast tracked me to get an MRI tomorrow. So at 11 AM it will be, "Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang.... Bong, Bong Bong Bong.... Beep Beep Beep Beep" ringing through my head as I am in the tube.

Should be a blast, it's my third one.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I Just Popped A Big Ole Zit!!!

Oh my God, where is my camera!!

I woke up this morning with this huge pimple above my right upper lip.

I was just sitting here wrapping up an extensive spread sheet that I have been doing the last two hours.

I was just sitting here ready to wind down and read some blogs when all of a sudden I started squeezing this thing. The shit exploded everywhere. It is like half the size of dime. Yellow pus and blood running down my cheek into my mouth.

I ran to the bathroom and grabbed a bunch of toilet paper. It is all red now with my blood.

This is awesome!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

This Blog Helps At Least 15 People Everyday Install Their IKEA Faucet


Everyday, my IKEA faucet posts get hits. Multiple hits for it by the same people hours apart too. It's a fun hobby reading my statcounter to see who is coming in and where from. It's funny reading the weird searches and the people hoping to glimpse Jessica Biel naked or something off of one of my meaningless tags at the bottom of each post.

I did a lot today. Washed the car (like that takes effort). I repaired the stair on the backyard staircase that has been broken for the last year or two. I was in the Porsche and near Home Depot and I was like, "What's 3 bucks for piece of 2X6?" Getting it in the car was fun. I miss having a truck to haul shit around. But life goes on...

My big project today: Re-stringing the Takemine 12 String Jumbo acoustic guitar. What a bitch this always is. I wanted to start playing it again. I stopped playing it because of the the pain in my wrist and arm and stuff. It is hard to grab those strings and play. But, I have been living lately to live life through it. I just look funny limping and shit with my numb and tingly left side when I get out of a car.

The guitar was a bigger endeavor than I thought. I was sitting on the couch staring at the guitar hanging on the wall while watching Tiger's run in the Master's today. Nothing like HD TV and golf!! Holy crap! But I figured since I was sitting there I could at least start twirling the tuners until the 11 unbroken strings on my guitar came off. I hadn't touched the thing in a year or two.

Once I got the strings off I found my new packet of strings and started twirling the tuners one by one to get the new strings on. Then I got to the high G string and snap!!! Son of a bitch, I thought. The string is so feeble. I bought 11 gauge strings for my 12 string but that one string is a .008 string and it is so weak. My tuner on the guitar is not working at all but I am pretty good at tuning a guitar by ear. I must have went a little too high. I got pissed and set the guitar aside. I picked up my classical and started strumming out of frustration, playing some STP and some DMB, lol.

Elijah came down to watch the end of the golf tournament with me and after it was over, I decided to take Elijah to Mecca the Guitar Center so I can buy a 9 gauge string to replace my 8 gauge string I had broken. Elijah likes to point at my guitars and say Da da or papa and stuff. I decided to show him a room of like 300-400 guitars and see what he would do.

Typical Guitar Center... Lots of people that don't know shit about guitars and I am not necessarily talking about the workers. There is always one kid though at Guitar Center that annoys the living shit out of me. It's this stereotype... a 19-20 year old kid, usually not white but Hispanic or Asian (No Tina, not Arnold), with bleached tips in his hair and a lip piercing... black nail polish, hunkered behind a Marshall stack with a Blue Ibanez guitar shredding the same over played metal riff over and over. No one can hear in the store either with this fool playing. Anyway, Elijah's eyes seem to follow the kid as I did a lap around the room looking at guitars.

Once I got bored from staring at the $3500 Gibson acoustic, I headed to check out to buy my string. I also checked on a new tuner. They had this clip on one bought. It clips onto the headstock and it has no mic. It just picks up the vibrations on the guitar or bass or whatever string instrument you play. It worked right the first time too!! So I buy it because I needed it and the as the guy is checking me out he goes, "So do you want to buy the life time warranty for it?"

I start laughing. The guy wonders why I laugh. I pointed to the box where it says, "Lifetime warranty in the US and Canada included". He still wants me to purchase the little 15 dollar replacement thing... Whatever... NOT!

I got back home and installed my new string. The tuner was pretty cool and I got the 12 string already to go. Then I played "Learning to Fly", so now I truly can sound like Tom Petty. To test the tuner and my hearing, I clamped it to the classical guitar to check my ear. Nearly perfect tuning. I like this new thing though because it seems to be really accurate. Some of my guitars, like my Ovation, the B string sounds weird so I always flatten it a little. This is the tuner I bought... It's pretty cool, I think it is more accurate than the built in ones or the ones you plug into because it is basing itself on the vibrating wood of the guitar. It's pretty dope!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Back To Some Politics

Enough said!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I left for home at 3:30 PM EST. I walked into my home at 1:30 AM PST.

13 hours...

Shit! Southwest sucks ass!!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Steve Pimps McDonalds...

Trying to decide which McDonald's image to use is fun

So I hopped on a plane and flew back early this morning. I got home at 9:30 AM. I think I slept maybe 8 hours all week. I went right on through last night till sunrise watching reruns of Law And Order, Bonfire of the Vanities and infomercials on hair restoration. 37 hours since 4 AM yesterday. And they wonder why I am cranky.

I am shot. And Elijah's daycare is out today so I am home with him. I spent an hour at the park. Then to kill more time I took him to the most evil place on earth:


It sucked!! It is the only fast food place within a decent walking distance of our house and it was a safe place to take Elijah at one o'clock.

I figured it was an easy place because I can give him the fries and some apple juice and I can share and enjoy a Big Mac. I hadn't had a Big Mac in a few years or at least since I saw Super Size Me. Wow!!! Talk about being screwed up. Just reading the back of the box from the Big Mac scared the shit out of me. 540 Calories? 54% of your daily fat consumption. Are they kidding? I lost my appetite. Then I looked at the fries... I shouldn't eat another thing today or I will tank up.

It was a bad hour to because it was just after lunch and all the kids were out and about. Elijah got totally amped off of the apple juice. I think apple juice is like liquid crack or in Elijah's case: Speed. The dude jumped on the table and grabbed two handfuls of fries faster than I could stop him. Imagine him standing, straight up, arms raised up, chucking two hands of fries over the wall between us and the check out counter.

I was done... he ate enough so I slammed him into his stroller and left. I think he realized he made me look bad... :) We had a peaceful walk home. Saw a train and watched more squirrels mating.

For your listening pleasure, last song I heard on the plane today:

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Not Everyone... Can Carry The Weight Of The World

Talk about the passion

Eerie... I sat in the airport this morning. I downloaded REM's awesome new album while waiting for my plane at 5 AM. What a weird thing to buy music through the air. You'd think they could make it easier.

Where to begin? I did something today... I was highly successful.. and I cannot talk about it due to my confidentiality agreement between my business life and personal life.

I fucking rule and that is it.

Meanwhile, Boise Idaho...

I love this town. If I could move here I would. Boise State... Blue and Orange football fields. I love it. I got off the plane and it was 32 and I wondered why there was ice on the ground. It is closer to fly here than into LA from Sactown which is weird to me because I technically fly across two states to get here. (For those of you keeping score at home... Oregon and Nevada)

It's clean and neat and the weather is decent. Majestic views of snow capped mountains... The Snake River... cheap real estate and it has got to be the pub capital of the world. I went to the Tablerock Brewery. This shit was good. I had their St Andrews Amber and their something or other Dog Pale Ale. I actually ate chicken for my meal and if you know me, when I order chicken I am being odd. I am a beef guy. I never eat anything else but... except if it is roast turkey or pulled pork. But chicken? C'mon Steve, was there spicy Buffalo sauce on it or something?


What a week and I am glad it is over tomorrow. I fly home early... And then I will do nothing but play with Elijah since he is off from day care...

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I Didn't Get It

Knock on wood... but..

I didn't get it. I swear, Monday I was destined for a bad week. I felt that I was going to be very sick. I had the aches, the shivers, sinus pressure and possibly a fever. And it is all gone.

The power of Vitamin C rules all.

I still hurt like hell though from my other problems...

Off to Boise...