Thursday, April 03, 2008

Not Everyone... Can Carry The Weight Of The World

Talk about the passion

Eerie... I sat in the airport this morning. I downloaded REM's awesome new album while waiting for my plane at 5 AM. What a weird thing to buy music through the air. You'd think they could make it easier.

Where to begin? I did something today... I was highly successful.. and I cannot talk about it due to my confidentiality agreement between my business life and personal life.

I fucking rule and that is it.

Meanwhile, Boise Idaho...

I love this town. If I could move here I would. Boise State... Blue and Orange football fields. I love it. I got off the plane and it was 32 and I wondered why there was ice on the ground. It is closer to fly here than into LA from Sactown which is weird to me because I technically fly across two states to get here. (For those of you keeping score at home... Oregon and Nevada)

It's clean and neat and the weather is decent. Majestic views of snow capped mountains... The Snake River... cheap real estate and it has got to be the pub capital of the world. I went to the Tablerock Brewery. This shit was good. I had their St Andrews Amber and their something or other Dog Pale Ale. I actually ate chicken for my meal and if you know me, when I order chicken I am being odd. I am a beef guy. I never eat anything else but... except if it is roast turkey or pulled pork. But chicken? C'mon Steve, was there spicy Buffalo sauce on it or something?


What a week and I am glad it is over tomorrow. I fly home early... And then I will do nothing but play with Elijah since he is off from day care...

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