Saturday, April 12, 2008

This Blog Helps At Least 15 People Everyday Install Their IKEA Faucet


Everyday, my IKEA faucet posts get hits. Multiple hits for it by the same people hours apart too. It's a fun hobby reading my statcounter to see who is coming in and where from. It's funny reading the weird searches and the people hoping to glimpse Jessica Biel naked or something off of one of my meaningless tags at the bottom of each post.

I did a lot today. Washed the car (like that takes effort). I repaired the stair on the backyard staircase that has been broken for the last year or two. I was in the Porsche and near Home Depot and I was like, "What's 3 bucks for piece of 2X6?" Getting it in the car was fun. I miss having a truck to haul shit around. But life goes on...

My big project today: Re-stringing the Takemine 12 String Jumbo acoustic guitar. What a bitch this always is. I wanted to start playing it again. I stopped playing it because of the the pain in my wrist and arm and stuff. It is hard to grab those strings and play. But, I have been living lately to live life through it. I just look funny limping and shit with my numb and tingly left side when I get out of a car.

The guitar was a bigger endeavor than I thought. I was sitting on the couch staring at the guitar hanging on the wall while watching Tiger's run in the Master's today. Nothing like HD TV and golf!! Holy crap! But I figured since I was sitting there I could at least start twirling the tuners until the 11 unbroken strings on my guitar came off. I hadn't touched the thing in a year or two.

Once I got the strings off I found my new packet of strings and started twirling the tuners one by one to get the new strings on. Then I got to the high G string and snap!!! Son of a bitch, I thought. The string is so feeble. I bought 11 gauge strings for my 12 string but that one string is a .008 string and it is so weak. My tuner on the guitar is not working at all but I am pretty good at tuning a guitar by ear. I must have went a little too high. I got pissed and set the guitar aside. I picked up my classical and started strumming out of frustration, playing some STP and some DMB, lol.

Elijah came down to watch the end of the golf tournament with me and after it was over, I decided to take Elijah to Mecca the Guitar Center so I can buy a 9 gauge string to replace my 8 gauge string I had broken. Elijah likes to point at my guitars and say Da da or papa and stuff. I decided to show him a room of like 300-400 guitars and see what he would do.

Typical Guitar Center... Lots of people that don't know shit about guitars and I am not necessarily talking about the workers. There is always one kid though at Guitar Center that annoys the living shit out of me. It's this stereotype... a 19-20 year old kid, usually not white but Hispanic or Asian (No Tina, not Arnold), with bleached tips in his hair and a lip piercing... black nail polish, hunkered behind a Marshall stack with a Blue Ibanez guitar shredding the same over played metal riff over and over. No one can hear in the store either with this fool playing. Anyway, Elijah's eyes seem to follow the kid as I did a lap around the room looking at guitars.

Once I got bored from staring at the $3500 Gibson acoustic, I headed to check out to buy my string. I also checked on a new tuner. They had this clip on one bought. It clips onto the headstock and it has no mic. It just picks up the vibrations on the guitar or bass or whatever string instrument you play. It worked right the first time too!! So I buy it because I needed it and the as the guy is checking me out he goes, "So do you want to buy the life time warranty for it?"

I start laughing. The guy wonders why I laugh. I pointed to the box where it says, "Lifetime warranty in the US and Canada included". He still wants me to purchase the little 15 dollar replacement thing... Whatever... NOT!

I got back home and installed my new string. The tuner was pretty cool and I got the 12 string already to go. Then I played "Learning to Fly", so now I truly can sound like Tom Petty. To test the tuner and my hearing, I clamped it to the classical guitar to check my ear. Nearly perfect tuning. I like this new thing though because it seems to be really accurate. Some of my guitars, like my Ovation, the B string sounds weird so I always flatten it a little. This is the tuner I bought... It's pretty cool, I think it is more accurate than the built in ones or the ones you plug into because it is basing itself on the vibrating wood of the guitar. It's pretty dope!

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