Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Steve Rocks Out!!


Hard travel week. Last night and I work most of the day tomorrow before I fly back. I am at a city where when I heard the weather forecast today I laughed. They said it would be good for running on Saturday because it was going to be 17. Ouch!! What the fuck, am I picking up a Canadian station. Sure, it was out of Vancouver.

This song came on the radio after they said the weather. It was cool... I think I was like 8 or 9 when I first heard it back in the day when it came out. So I had to roll down the windows in my Jeep Commander I am renting when it came on and feel the breeze off the ocean. I don't know, the song is totally cheesy but it felt good to rock out even if it was Bryan Adams. I'll go back to my iPod and listen to Rage or the Mxpx version of this song to bring it all back.

This week sucks because I have had to keep my emotions checked while I deal with work. Thinking and doing a lot of fun things at work, doing what I do, but having to stop once in a while because of some creeping pain up my back or the fact that my left arm goes numb like it is now when I type. It sucks that the MRI is not showing me a path I can take to help myself out. I put work in check this week and did the right thing. But now, it's time to fly back home tomorrow afternoon and deal with it this weekend when I'll have no energy or will be hurting. I think I give each day 80% of my potential but I feel like I am making 150% effort. And by now, everyone I know, knows because they have seen me get out of a chair or a car the last 2 years. It is just tough.

It sucks...

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