Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday's Golf Highlights

The following are a couple of videos I shot a few hours ago at Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course with my friends Scott, Josh and Gary. We had a great day. It was the first day out this year pretty much for all of us so it was fun knocking the rust off. I am gonna be hating life soon with my neck already tightening up in pain. But we had a blast after a rough start for poor Gary nursing a monster hang over. A Heineken will turn around anyone's day as he nearly broke 90. Josh broke 90 with an 89 and Scotty and I rounded out the day at 102 and 104. 104 is great for me because I really really suck at golf and I am known for coming in at a decent bowling score on this course. Good times.

The first video is the Island hole 17th. It is a pretty stupid little 85 yard shot from the blue tees. That was one thing cool, we all had good scores from the blues for us. Usually I sink 5 or 6 balls into the water then end up giving up and throwing a ball from the drop area onto the green. So this was cool... Sorry for McShaky with the camera. My hands were in pain shaking by the end. But that isn't gonna stop me:

What's amazing is that I drop many F-Bombs the whole time here which is funny. I think the score card on F-Bombs was the following:

Scotty 10
Gary Maybe 1
Josh 4-5
Steve 486 or more if you consider the freakings too.

The next video, since 17 came out so well was the Par 4 18. We all hammer some interesting drives. Gary takes off first and he knocks his clearly over the lake. But notice with his swing, he is actually aiming and swings at the 9th fairway. Nails the 9th fairway bunker clear across the lake. Then when Josh starts to swing, and I am totally missing what is going on, Gary turns the cart around to go to the other fairway but is blocked by my cart.

We all take really good swings here. I have no idea what I am doing but I knocked the drives like this most of the day. It is the rest of the game and putting especially that I need to work on to break 100.

Dropping F-Bombs...NSFW.

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