Sunday, April 20, 2008

Shhhh.... Don't tell anybody!!!

I listen to the media a lot and read a lot of blogs. You can always see me in my office with Fox News on... I would say I am above average when it comes to being in the know of what is going on in the world.

One thing that has always puzzled me: Polls. Who the hell is answering the phone when CNN or Reuters or Newsmax for that matter, call and ask questions?

Think about this, almost everyone on the planet hangs up the phone on a telemarketer. Everyone. It does not matter who they are whether they a credit card company wanting to sell you shit you don't need, or some bullshit charity like the March of Dimes, or even the recorded phone call from your local former Basketball player/politician running for mayor. When they call you hang up, especially when there is that dead air when you say, Hello? Hello? and no one is there.

And DW is probably worse than me... But guess what?!?

Nielsen got through!! I don't know how they did it but we are now a Nielsen family and we have to report our TV watching over the next couple of weeks. Should be interesting since I am gone and I am the only that actually watches TV. Just check off CNN or FOX and see if Boston Legal and South Park are TiVo'd and we are all set on my end.

Any how... watch Obama give Hillary the finger:

Obama Gives Hillary the Finger - Watch more free videos

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