Friday, April 04, 2008

Steve Pimps McDonalds...

Trying to decide which McDonald's image to use is fun

So I hopped on a plane and flew back early this morning. I got home at 9:30 AM. I think I slept maybe 8 hours all week. I went right on through last night till sunrise watching reruns of Law And Order, Bonfire of the Vanities and infomercials on hair restoration. 37 hours since 4 AM yesterday. And they wonder why I am cranky.

I am shot. And Elijah's daycare is out today so I am home with him. I spent an hour at the park. Then to kill more time I took him to the most evil place on earth:


It sucked!! It is the only fast food place within a decent walking distance of our house and it was a safe place to take Elijah at one o'clock.

I figured it was an easy place because I can give him the fries and some apple juice and I can share and enjoy a Big Mac. I hadn't had a Big Mac in a few years or at least since I saw Super Size Me. Wow!!! Talk about being screwed up. Just reading the back of the box from the Big Mac scared the shit out of me. 540 Calories? 54% of your daily fat consumption. Are they kidding? I lost my appetite. Then I looked at the fries... I shouldn't eat another thing today or I will tank up.

It was a bad hour to because it was just after lunch and all the kids were out and about. Elijah got totally amped off of the apple juice. I think apple juice is like liquid crack or in Elijah's case: Speed. The dude jumped on the table and grabbed two handfuls of fries faster than I could stop him. Imagine him standing, straight up, arms raised up, chucking two hands of fries over the wall between us and the check out counter.

I was done... he ate enough so I slammed him into his stroller and left. I think he realized he made me look bad... :) We had a peaceful walk home. Saw a train and watched more squirrels mating.

For your listening pleasure, last song I heard on the plane today:

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