Saturday, June 21, 2014

Broken Clock is Right Twice a Day

Taking up writing again is actually self rewarding.  No one reads this crap but hey, there is something to putting some thoughts down on pen and paper, er um, blogger and seeing what happens next.

It was like riding a bike, man.  I can't explain it it.  It felt good...  The wind blowing through your hair like a 5 year old going down a steep hill.

I mowed the lawn today.  Probably one of the last times all summer due to mandatory Stage 3 water restrictions.  I guess I have to shut down "wasting" water.

I don't let the kids water fight.  We don't dare wash our cars in the driveway.  That is simply taboo like putting bacon on a mosque door.

Supposed to be hella hot today.  96 I guess.  Time for a beer...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

If a Tree Falls in a Forest...

In honor of the re-start up of Pure Gonzo Engineering, I thought I would contribute to the ole blogosphere like it was 2005.


We are all still here surviving in Obama's America or whatever that even means anymore.  I guess the key thing to life is some sort of happiness to cling to.  There is that...  Or the mundane workload as a now 17 year employee of a specialty chemical company that functions like a bad mix of Office Space meets Fight Club.  People continue to clean things...  I still drink beer.

But, then there are the simple things you can do every day.  Like humor... So long are the dedicated websites to just throw out humor day after day like or Ebaumsworld.  It used to be the thing to go there and tag something to your blog and say to the world, look how funny/exciting or how stupid that person is/was.  It's all fake and out of date now.

Now its more sinister.  Blogging mutated to websites like 4chan or  There are no holds barred on those sites and pretty much change every minute.  They can be educational.  Not like installing an Ikea Faucet educational... But more fascinating like reddit's Explain it to my like I am 5  Thousands of users find can ultimately find your topic and educate you like a 5 year old... or downvote you into oblivion because "op is a fag".  I still browse the front page and contribute to the fake point system.  Some sort of internet self worth that people need to feel redeemed in the sick sad world criss crossed by the information superhighway they warned us about in the 1990's.

I digress...  The kids are older now.  I am older.  Full head of semi gray hair.  I still have hair.  I started this blog in late 2004.  Almost 10 years ago...  Yeah... So I took a break for 4 years.  Maybe you'll see more or less but I have inspiration today from a tattooed freak that builds tractors and bitches about airline points to Europe.