Saturday, June 21, 2014

Broken Clock is Right Twice a Day

Taking up writing again is actually self rewarding.  No one reads this crap but hey, there is something to putting some thoughts down on pen and paper, er um, blogger and seeing what happens next.

It was like riding a bike, man.  I can't explain it it.  It felt good...  The wind blowing through your hair like a 5 year old going down a steep hill.

I mowed the lawn today.  Probably one of the last times all summer due to mandatory Stage 3 water restrictions.  I guess I have to shut down "wasting" water.

I don't let the kids water fight.  We don't dare wash our cars in the driveway.  That is simply taboo like putting bacon on a mosque door.

Supposed to be hella hot today.  96 I guess.  Time for a beer...


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