Saturday, December 31, 2005

A 2005 Review... sort of

Yeah, I am sure there are tons of bloggers out there doing some type of, "Year in Review" out there. I decided join in the fun.

Yes, it is raining like hell here in California. I had about a one and a half feet of water covering my street this morning. I wish I were exaggerating but... hey that's why I have a sump in my basement since we live in one of the "worst flood areas" and a set of rakes to pull the leaves out of the gutter. They opened the "last resort" weirs on the Sacramento River to flood the Yolo Bypass under interstate 80. It's pretty scary to know that they are the "last resort". Of course, we should be really scared but since MSM isn't doing 24/7 coverage and I don't see Anderson Cooper standing on the "I" Street bridge over the Sacramento River I guess it's no big deal. See the MSM won't cover us with my little 1 foot plus flood. Oh no, we even have power and food. And a Hummer that can drive through 2 feet.

Sacramento has two pretty big rivers that coverage on downtown, the Sacramento and the American. which basically feed into the Delta and eventually into San Francisco Bay. We have an elaborate system of levels that surround the whole town. To the west we have a vast open field, a sort of no man's land where when we get severe weather like this, the water is diverted into that field around the north end of West Sacramento. One of the worst areas to flood is Dry Creek. It gets it's name why? Because it's dry year round... until now. As of this morning we have had 9 inches of rain this month but a whopping 20 inches up in some parts of the Foothills which feed these rivers. And technically, we're not even into the wettest time of the year. The American River is held back mostly by Folsom Dam and Folsom Lake. Folsom Dam I might add had a pretty major road going across the top of it. It was closed after 9/11. Why? Because terrorists could bomb this and flood out the 1.5 million people that live in and around Sacramento. You can thank the MSM for giving them the idea.

Speaking of the MSM and floods. One major news item that the MSM forgot to mention, in their extensive Hurricane Katrina coverage was the actual death rates by race. According to this article and this one, you'll find something staggering that was omitted by the MSM. Yet Howard Dean, who is not known to jump to conclusions, had this to say:
Race was a factor in the death toll from Hurricane Katrina, Howard Dean told members of the National Baptist Convention of America on Wednesday at the group’s annual meeting.
I'll tell you what, I don't know what to believe the facts or the leader of the DNC who is saying things so they can just get power but is over looking quite a few facts! Race was a factor if you were white! 2/3's of the population in the New Orleans is black and about 1/3 is white, an almost 2 to 1 ratio right? Yet according to Michelle Malkin's chart 48% who died were black, not 2/3's but just under half and 41% if you were white which is more than a 1/3. So if you were white in New Orleans your chances of dying were greater than if you were black! Who's kidding who here? Seriously. We're told day in and day out by liberal bloggers, the MSM and Howard Dean the facts. Yet they were so wrong on Katrina and what happened it's pathetic.

It's starting to rain again... better get the rake out.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Karma Will Get You!


Yeah ya bastard, that's what you get when you shove an 11 year old kid out of your bullpen in 1985 when he asks for your autograph!

Robbing jewerly stores, what's up with that?

I freaking hated the Expos for that!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Observations Part 30: Going to the Mall the Day After!

I am a bit insane. There was absolutely nothing going on today at work so I cut out at noon. I had the Nordstrom's Tommy Bahama shirt to exchange for a bigger size and cash in some of those holiday gift cards that burn a hole in your pocket. So I came home to load up on the following items:
  • iPod with headphones
  • Water!
  • Comfortable running shoes
  • Gift Cards and receipt for shirt
  • Hummer for driving over parking curbs and landscaping (if needed)
There is absolutely no rational reason why one would actually go to the mall today. But I felt the need and plus I needed a Video Camera for those precious moments that are supposedly coming in 6 months! (And to win money at!)

The mall was an undertaking and I am glad I took the time and effort to plan it out. Don't ever do it without careful planning!

First plan... Park far and hike in: I parked far away near the exit. I was amazed I found parking in 5 minutes and in a spot big enough for the Hummer. I had the comfortable shoes on. I had no problem hiking in from about 1/2 mile out. I never understand why people need to find the closest spot. They spend a half an hour looking for a spot 10 feet from the building and then procede top walk 5 miles in the mall! Total time from my door until I got inside the mall: 15 minutes.

Second plan... Know the mission, stay focused: There were 1000's fighting for spots and to actually get into the mall. Then the chaos inside. Can someone please tell me why there was an Asian man filming his shopping experience? And why does he do it today of all days? He had like 10 kids with him as well. They were like this mutating mass of people slowly crawling across the mall. They were pretty pissed when I get into the camera shot! I stayed focused and got to Nordstrom's. Total time need to fight through the entrance to Nordstrom's: 5 minutes

Third plan... Find the return and exchange line: The absolute first thing I did was ask how to exchange my shirt at the first. I saw a store employee and asked. That way, I didn't waste any time to get the return processed. Then I found the shirt I wanted. Same color larger size. I proceded to get into the line. Now why is it that these large department stores can't train their Christmas help better? 9 years ago I worked at a Macy's. The register isn't that hard!
Time wasted: 15 minutes Time needed if cashier had a brain: 3 to 5 minutes max!

Fourth Plan.. Establish fasted route to Apple Store: I love the Apple store. My whole house is becoming Apple related (as I type on a IBM laptop). I had to see the latest gadgets and needed to get there from the mens department at Nordstrom's. Fastest way? Actually going deeper into the mass of Nordstrom's by ascending to the second floor. Ever ride and escalator? What do you do? You look down. What did I look down to? The cosmetic department. What did I see? An attractive woman in her early 40's working the sales counter. Why did my eyes fixate on her? A nip slip! Time from Nordstrom's to Apple: 7 minutes

Fifth Plan... Avoid Apple at all costs on the day after: Everyone and their mother was at that store. The line went from the back of the story all the way out! I proceded back toward the Hummer.

Sixth Plan... Do not piss off "Likes to Fight Guy" Standing in front of Escalator in Macy's: This plan was actually added last minute and actually during the shopping experience. There was this total bruiser with ripped jeans and stuff standing at the entrance of the escalator on the way to Best Buy. This dude for some reason was not happy. He just sat there standing in front of the escalator sort of blocking the entrance. Then he sort of faked a month to go down so I followed and he stopped suddenly. I bumped into him, the people behind me bumped me back into him and it was on! Well... almost. He stood there with a stupid look on his face and then said, "What? Do you want me to move?" Ok, what the hell was that? I just avoided I contact and politely said sorry and proceded down escalator. Total Time to Best Buy 10 minutes.

Seventh Plan... Having fun in mall parking lot: I do this for fun a lot and it works quite well during the holiday season. I walk through the parking lot holding my keys out in one hand and my bag in the other. And then I walk up an aisle. It is amazing to watch how long people will follow you slowly trying everything they can to block someone out so they can get your parking place. And just when the tension is right, I pretend to walk toward a car door adjusting my keys but I don't stop. I keep walking past the car and go to the next aisle and start the process all over again with the next potential mall customer. Oh my God, this pisses people off to no end. I get a kick out of it! Time screwing around in parking lot: 5 minutes but it seemed like an eternity to the drivers nearby!

Eighth Plan: Know what the store has before you go in: Best Buy always, always, ALWAYS shows the sales ads in your area on their website. So shop before ya go. Don't waste your time. You find something you like you then can go to the manufacturer's website to find what it is you need specifically in their item. What I learned today? Those new fangled DVD camcorders suck! They don't have firewire capability. Sure they are easy to use. But then you need all kinds of hardware and stuff to make them work right. I bought this one. Canon is the way to go. I always buy cameras from real camera companies because I feel they know what the hell they are doing. I won't buy some overpriced Sony. Total time in Best Buy after Christmas with pre-knowledge about product I am going to buy: 10 minutes.

Ninth plan... Remember the First plan: You parked near an exit for what reason? Fast get away. I only needed the Hummer to fling off the small cars trying to cut in front. I ran over two curbs as well. The road is much bigger in a Hummer! Total time needed to get out: 5 minutes. I was home at 1:45.

And there you have it. Professional advice on how to traverse a mall, make a return, entertain yourself and buy what you want.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Birthday Post


I decided to just post this up here so all of you can wish me a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to me December 25th.

Merry Christmas as well,

My Birthday comes first though!

Season's Greetings from all of us at

Steve's Blog

Someday the liberals will take this holiday away from us and it will only be my birthday!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Observations Part 29: Go Ahead Bush, Tap Our Phones!!

Guess what America... Bush is spying on us. He's tapping our phones without getting a warrant. Have you heard? It's all over the news. My favorite punching bag senator, Babs Boxer, is calling for the impeachment of Bush. Why? Because warrantless spying or searching is illegal according to the 4th Amendment. Bush violated the Constitution ergo, impeachment. An impeachment for protecting American people? Sure why not...

It's an issue of civil liberties and our right to checks and balances. Bush was supposed to get warrants before tapping those suspected terrorists. I say, "Who cares?"

There are so many rights stripped from us that violate our civil liberties and Constitutional rights every day. Let's take a look at a few:
  • Gun Control. I bet it was a liberal, no wait, it is a liberal, Clinton! And what does the 2nd Amendment say? Did Clinton violate the Constitution?
    Amendment II

    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
Why is America so pissed at Bush for defending us while a Clinton lobbied for gun control, a technical violation of the 2nd, which technically makes us a bit less defensive. Is one Amendment more important than another?

  • Seat Belt Laws. I am in no way advocating that you take off your seat belt. Seat belts save lives. Should it not be your choice NOT to wear one or should we have a law? There are many things that kill people. Some kill faster like cigarette smoking. Cigarette smoking isn't illegal. But we make a law to make people use common sense for seat belts but not for smoking? (Editor's note: Seat belts do save lives and if we have to make laws for the safety of automobile drivers and their innocent passengers... then GOOD!!!) Hmm... speaking of smoking...
  • Anti Smoking laws for privately owned businesses. These laws make no sense. A privately owned business can sell guns, have women or men strip for money, sell alcohol, sell cigarettes, swear, be anti-religious, inflict pain on people by giving them tatoos (see lawryde hey man, what's up!), sell greasy unhealthy food, let people say anything they want and yet, can't let people smoke? Yeah that's not a violation of civil liberties. (Editor's note: I hate smokers and am glad we banned smoking in California restaurants and bars. It's really a bad habit and people should quit. Hopefully the law helps)
  • Prostitution. Hey... A woman or man should be able to sell their bodies for what ever they want. Right? I mean, what the hell are Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton doing anyway? Go to magazine rack and what do you see? Covers of magazines of sweet looking women demonstrating the best plastic surgery that money could buy. So what's wrong with a woman selling her body? (Editor's note; Prostitution is wrong and immoral, desecrates women everywhere. We need to protect women from this lifestyle. Having this law is a deterrant and should help someone from choosing this lifestyle)
My point is... Look. We have laws to protect ourselves from ourselves. It's not always fine and dandy for everyone but sometimes it's for the greater good. And with the greater good in mind sometimes laws are broken and some laws are created. Bush has been dead eye consistent with one thing. America is under attack! 3000 people died and it can happen again. It can happen to you, me and that guy down the street that turns his leaf blower on a 6 AM. Just wait, look out now, the ACLU is coming to play and they are gonna look so right when in all actuality they are so wrong. It's always for the greater good when someone chooses to break one law to save or protect the life of someone else. Especially when it is protecting the innocent. Like you, me and that guy with the leaf blower. So suck it up!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

If only...

If only life were so easy...

When you are a kid, you never know how your life is gonna be. Yet your life is totally planned for you. When you are fed. Your clothes and color of them. Even your most private moments like going to the restroom or bathing. You like TV and music but only like it because you are told to like it. Then you're forced into the institution of public school where you are programmed like the rest of your peers. Math, Reading, Spelling, History and Science. We all learn the same things at virtually the same time. You have friends that were introduced to you by the neighbors or your family. Each kid, hand picked by your parents. Yes, they choose your friends, plan your social activities and control when you have fun. They even pick your hobbies like baseball, piano lessons, and karate classes. They even pick your religion for you, tell you what God to believe in and control your morality.

And then as you get little bit older things change. You are in this in between time in life. High School. Except for your basic ciriculum that every High Schooler takes, your social skills take a dramatic turn towards freedom. You may still have that control of your social life by your parents but you now develop the freedom of choice and with that comes consequences. You miss that homework assignment or that class project and there are consequences. Or you have begun to excel at a hobby like sports or music and with that comes even more responsibility: Your are given to fly. Your friends are now your friends only by choice. You now are discovering the morality you learned a few years back. Some have a lack of... It may be you.

Then the day of freedom comes. Graduation day. School as you know it, public socialism is gone. You are no longer the responsibility of the state. But very much still the responsibility of your parents no matter when your year of sufferage is. All that protection, the coddling, the structured life program, ends on one choice: To go to college or get a job. You have got to do something productive or you'll continue to live in suspension in your parents attic. Either way, it is here where life begins and where Darwin was correct. You must survive or fail. But it's still your choice.

But really happens is you fall into something. A major in college, a job at a local hardware store, a position at the local neighborhood grill, the military or scoop ice cream at the local soda fountain. You hit a groove. It's either a lot of fun or its a nightmare. College isn't easy and neither is scooping ice cream all day. You plot your way to get out of the groove, your dream of bigger and better things, but then again, no one scoops ice cream as well as you and you got an A minus on an accounting midterm by doing something you should have learned but never really did in public school. You studied. You did it better. And now you manage the company that sells the ice cream to the store ya worked at. You sell ice cream for a living? Just after you've cut your hair, replaced your Doc Martens for Clarks and those jeans for slacks. The Metallica poster is still on the wall but you listen to Dido too. You've even picked your political party, your own religion and a great wine to have with Thanksgiving turkey and now feel like the oldest one at a Social Distortion concert!

Then life hits ya right upside the head. You find a girl. The girl likes you. And you love the girl. So you take her to Liverpool and she accepts your hand. You find a house, buy a car get a cat and a dog and a few more cats and learn what Bed Bath and Beyond is. And everything just went by so fast! But then...

You find out you're gonna be a Dad (yes, seriously). And you hope you are as good of a parent as the one's you have.

If only...

Friday, December 16, 2005

Lost in Translation?


Ashlee Simpson collapses

This girl has been through enough. She had her lip sync issues on Saturday Night Live. Her live concert meltdown during the Orange Bowl Half Time. She just lost her brother-in-law, Nick "No Career" Lachey, through a bitter divorce. And now this.

In related news, Ashlee has turned down an offer to perform a cover song of Eric Clapton's "Cocaine" on a new teen anti drug abuse album.

"It hits too close to home," says Ashlee

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Iran Scares the Hell out of Me

A quick post.

And we should let this fool have Nuclear Power for what reason?

See link!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Warranty woes...

Our broken H3 mirror

The Hummer of Sacramento dealership is a group of jerk offs not so nice people. Seriously. Don't buy anything from them. They are con artists expensive and misinformed. (I bought our Hummer in the bay area)

Picture this: You are going through a car wash that is well maintained, using quality soap at generous proportions, enough to lubricate the surface and allow the machinery to work, while sliding safely over the car as it rolls through and something like this happens; a broken mirror.
The owner of the wash is totally cool and was willing to take care of it, but that is NOT the point! The point is, with 600 miles on the vehicle don't you think that it is a manufacturer's defect. Apparently it's not! 200 bucks to fix. I was livid. But then again, maybe it's the dealer's problem. And what is it about car dealers. You show a little bit of intelligence before they jack with you and they make you feel like you are putting them out. The kicker to all this: An H3 just like mine rolled out of the car wash behind me, with no broken mirror. That right there makes it not the car wash's fault, doesn't it? We got it on video! How can you fault someone when the outcome of my situation doesn't happen to the next H3? Reasonable, right?

So who's fault is it? Mine? The Dealer? GM? Who knows at this point? I guess that's what you get when you buy a new vehicle in the first model year. I am starting my chain of evidence to get my 200 bucks back. You might ask, why did I pay. For one, the vehicle was undriveable with a broken driverside mirror. You couldn't look out the window far enough to see who's on the left.

For a small moment, I thought maybe I made a mistake: I bought American. Maybe it's true, GM is losing money and using inferior parts or something. I find that totally hard to believe. Maybe one of the pagan liberals in my neighborhood used some witchcraft on me and stuff's gonna start falling a part because I bought a Hummer.

The cool thing though, the Hummer dealer in the bay where I bought the vehicle is actually on my side and is going to try and go to bat for me to get money back from Hummer. Why would they do that? Customer service...

They sent us cookies for Christmas!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

December 8th, 1980

One of the greatest tragedies of our time was the murder of John Lennon. We lost a great artist, a talented songwriter and a complete humanitarian. (Despite him being a liberal communist!) Honestly his vision for peace has not been transcended by anyone else. It'd be interesting to hear his thoughts on the world today. We just can't assume what he'd think. (we'll leave that up for the liberals)

I am too young to have experienced the British Invasion. I can only rely on what my parents or other "adults" have told me over the years. My favorite album of all time is the Beatles "Rubber Soul". This is the album where the Beatles broke free from the teen pop and became true songwriting craftsmen. And it was just before they became psychodelic pot heads. They were just regular pot heads.

It's sad to think what would have happened if John would have lived.

The Beatles would have for sure gotten together for the first Live Aid. How could they have passed it up? It was the greatest gig they would have ever missed. Imagine the money they could have raised. If not, well maybe Paul and John would have gotten together on some other thing.

He would have divorced Yoko, no doubt about it! C'mon, how many years could you have lived with her? I could see him falling for Tawny Kitaen in the 1980's!

Would there have been a Michael Jackson/Lennon composition a la "Say Say Say"? Wow that'd be scary to hear knowing what a freak Michael turned into. At least Michael wouldn't have bought the song copyrights like he did. Yoko waited too long to partner with McCartney to get those back.

Lennon Unplugged!! In the 1990's we for sure would have seen this!

A Lennon Tribute to New York after 9/11. Might have been cheesy and all but still...

John Lennon, Nobel Prize Winner.

Also, there were somethings we missed:

Lennon speaking out against Reagan! This would have gotten him deported for sure.

The divorce would have happened for sure and Yoko would be getting half!!

Lennon cohorting with Clinton in 1992. Imagine Bill and John together?? God how scary.

All the sit in's that'd be going on.

A tragic death on an airplane. Maybe he would have been riding with Stevie Ray Vaughan.

The 1980's massive cocaine overdose.

Senator John Lennon from New York???

Quite an interesting guy I must say!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

It was 40 years ago today...

40 years ago today my parents got married which led to the eventual mess known as Steve's Blog. The above photo closely resembles what they are looking at. My brothers and I got together and sent them to Hawaii for a 7 day cruise of the islands. We totally suck!

Happy Anniversary MOM and DAD

Like they're going to read it or something.