Saturday, December 10, 2005

Warranty woes...

Our broken H3 mirror

The Hummer of Sacramento dealership is a group of jerk offs not so nice people. Seriously. Don't buy anything from them. They are con artists expensive and misinformed. (I bought our Hummer in the bay area)

Picture this: You are going through a car wash that is well maintained, using quality soap at generous proportions, enough to lubricate the surface and allow the machinery to work, while sliding safely over the car as it rolls through and something like this happens; a broken mirror.
The owner of the wash is totally cool and was willing to take care of it, but that is NOT the point! The point is, with 600 miles on the vehicle don't you think that it is a manufacturer's defect. Apparently it's not! 200 bucks to fix. I was livid. But then again, maybe it's the dealer's problem. And what is it about car dealers. You show a little bit of intelligence before they jack with you and they make you feel like you are putting them out. The kicker to all this: An H3 just like mine rolled out of the car wash behind me, with no broken mirror. That right there makes it not the car wash's fault, doesn't it? We got it on video! How can you fault someone when the outcome of my situation doesn't happen to the next H3? Reasonable, right?

So who's fault is it? Mine? The Dealer? GM? Who knows at this point? I guess that's what you get when you buy a new vehicle in the first model year. I am starting my chain of evidence to get my 200 bucks back. You might ask, why did I pay. For one, the vehicle was undriveable with a broken driverside mirror. You couldn't look out the window far enough to see who's on the left.

For a small moment, I thought maybe I made a mistake: I bought American. Maybe it's true, GM is losing money and using inferior parts or something. I find that totally hard to believe. Maybe one of the pagan liberals in my neighborhood used some witchcraft on me and stuff's gonna start falling a part because I bought a Hummer.

The cool thing though, the Hummer dealer in the bay where I bought the vehicle is actually on my side and is going to try and go to bat for me to get money back from Hummer. Why would they do that? Customer service...

They sent us cookies for Christmas!

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