Saturday, December 31, 2005

A 2005 Review... sort of

Yeah, I am sure there are tons of bloggers out there doing some type of, "Year in Review" out there. I decided join in the fun.

Yes, it is raining like hell here in California. I had about a one and a half feet of water covering my street this morning. I wish I were exaggerating but... hey that's why I have a sump in my basement since we live in one of the "worst flood areas" and a set of rakes to pull the leaves out of the gutter. They opened the "last resort" weirs on the Sacramento River to flood the Yolo Bypass under interstate 80. It's pretty scary to know that they are the "last resort". Of course, we should be really scared but since MSM isn't doing 24/7 coverage and I don't see Anderson Cooper standing on the "I" Street bridge over the Sacramento River I guess it's no big deal. See the MSM won't cover us with my little 1 foot plus flood. Oh no, we even have power and food. And a Hummer that can drive through 2 feet.

Sacramento has two pretty big rivers that coverage on downtown, the Sacramento and the American. which basically feed into the Delta and eventually into San Francisco Bay. We have an elaborate system of levels that surround the whole town. To the west we have a vast open field, a sort of no man's land where when we get severe weather like this, the water is diverted into that field around the north end of West Sacramento. One of the worst areas to flood is Dry Creek. It gets it's name why? Because it's dry year round... until now. As of this morning we have had 9 inches of rain this month but a whopping 20 inches up in some parts of the Foothills which feed these rivers. And technically, we're not even into the wettest time of the year. The American River is held back mostly by Folsom Dam and Folsom Lake. Folsom Dam I might add had a pretty major road going across the top of it. It was closed after 9/11. Why? Because terrorists could bomb this and flood out the 1.5 million people that live in and around Sacramento. You can thank the MSM for giving them the idea.

Speaking of the MSM and floods. One major news item that the MSM forgot to mention, in their extensive Hurricane Katrina coverage was the actual death rates by race. According to this article and this one, you'll find something staggering that was omitted by the MSM. Yet Howard Dean, who is not known to jump to conclusions, had this to say:
Race was a factor in the death toll from Hurricane Katrina, Howard Dean told members of the National Baptist Convention of America on Wednesday at the group’s annual meeting.
I'll tell you what, I don't know what to believe the facts or the leader of the DNC who is saying things so they can just get power but is over looking quite a few facts! Race was a factor if you were white! 2/3's of the population in the New Orleans is black and about 1/3 is white, an almost 2 to 1 ratio right? Yet according to Michelle Malkin's chart 48% who died were black, not 2/3's but just under half and 41% if you were white which is more than a 1/3. So if you were white in New Orleans your chances of dying were greater than if you were black! Who's kidding who here? Seriously. We're told day in and day out by liberal bloggers, the MSM and Howard Dean the facts. Yet they were so wrong on Katrina and what happened it's pathetic.

It's starting to rain again... better get the rake out.

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