Sunday, January 01, 2006

Who'll Stop The Rain?


Front page picture on the Sacramento Bee today.

It just doesn't want to stop. The rain is coming in hard and fast, breaking levees, flooding streets and mowing down trees everywhere. So much so we called off our New Years poker game. Who the hell wants to drive in rain like this? I really want to find more info on this lady pictured here. It is a sad picture but you really have to hand it to the Sacramento Bee for bringing it to our attention. The Sloughhouse Inn is also under water. There is a photo of a guy getting pizza delivered by boat out side that place. A levee broke south of our house this evening on Hwy 160.

And we're all sick here so it's like we didn't even notice. There was a bit of sun over us for a couple of hours yesterday, sort of a calm between the storms. Enough time to catch a couple of pints of Guinness for British New Year at 4pm.

Rain is supposed to stop after tomorrow. So much for a peaceful holiday week and weekend.

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