Sunday, January 22, 2006

HP PhotoSmart 2575: Apple Vs. PC

We bought the scanner the other day to scan photos through the home network to our vast supply of different computers. We decided on the HP PhotoSmart 2575 so we can scan photos and post them on the blogs. (Note: The wife has a blog and won't let me see it :()

Anyhow we have two types of computers, an Apple and PC.

Here's the install process for the Apple:

Plug in printer.
Connect printer via network cable to router

Insert disk.
Load program.
Apple Air Port finds HP 2575
(Poof!) Printer prints test page.
I scan ultrasound photo and the results are on the blog post below titled "Coming in August" within minutes.

Install Process for PC:

Plug in Printer
Conncet printer via network cable to router.

Insert disk to PC
Load Program
Everthing looks good, restart PC: Nothing.

Go into Control Panel to see if new printer is installed. It's not.
Click add Printer. Cannot load printer into PC.

Insert Disk and reload printer.
Now I have 2 2575 HP Printers load.
First one does not work, second one does. Print test page. Nothing.

Go back to printer and print network page conveniently located in Printer's program.
Check address on PC. Address is not found.

Swearing ensues! I keep swearing, give up and go play Tiger Woods 2006 on XBOX 360

Three days later after wife's bitching...

Attempt installation again with success after second time.

Successfully print test page over wireless network.
Attempt scan, nothing.

Go to Printer. No computer found.
Open HP help page.

Discover you need to tell computer to allow scanning.

Attempt scan of "Conrete Blond" CD cover laying nearby.
Scan immediately goes to Apple computer instead of PC
Turn off Apple and start scan again.
Restart scan and select PC, double checking access

Swearing ensues! Hand jumpdrive to wife and say "You are gonna have to use this to scan your photos."

Go back, and play Tiger Woods 2006 on XBOX 360.

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