Sunday, January 08, 2006

Eva Longoria VS. Bowling for Columbine

It was insomnia Saturday Night and there wasn't much on last night. I ended up not falling asleep until 3 AM or so. But at 11pm, while flipping through DirecTV channel surfing last night I discovered a conflict at 11:30. On NBC you had a re-run of Saturday Night Live with Eva Longoria or you had Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine. What a tough choice! Korn was even the musical act on Saturday Night Live. What's a Republican to do? (See if you are a Republican you can still watch cool stuff, it's not a suicide pact!)

I chose Bowling for Columbine over Eva. What a shame! But something happened. Moore wrote a good documentary there. It was very well done. Even though I disagreed with Moore's conclusions and think he is a total ass, but there were some interesting points.

I disagreed with a lot of the documentary because it seemed Moore was driven to point out America's drive to violence as the ultimate cause of the Columbine tragedy and the killing of the 6 year old girl in Flynt, Michigan by another 6 year old boy. We have violent tv shows, movies and video games. We have a violent country. Clinton dropped bombs on Kosovo the day the Columbine attack occurred. Our murder rate with guns is astronomically higher than the rest of the free world. I think the blame was a bit misguided because he blamed gun ownership as the major cause and he wanted to point out how Canada has 7 million guns in 10 million households and how low their violent crime rate with guns is significantly lower than ours. Moore glorified Canada to the point that I think he should just move there. Canada is a great place but America isn't Canada. Guns aren't our problem in this country, people are.

It's scary to say but back in high school, I had a lot in common with kids like Harris and Klebold who committed these crimes. I had that "outcast" feeling. It suprised me to learn that Harris and Klebold's parents were not divorced. They had not come from a broken home and neither did I. My parents have been married 40 years. Those kids had a lot of pressure and a lot of build up around high school, as the place to make it. You see the pressure in high school movies like Friday Night Lights, where football players were treated like gods. Or shows like MTV's Sweet Sixteen where these bratty girls through parties for their 16th birthdays and pick and choose who comes like Schindler's List. What about those who aren't part of the social popularity? I have seen it in high school, the rejection, the mean kids who abuse others, and school administrations not identifying the problem. I saw it first hand at my school but then saw it again as a substitute teacher. I went to my 5 year high school reunion and got more apologies than I ever got in high school. Some kids are flat out mean to those that can't take it. Who causes that? Is it guns? I don't think so. Is it violent tv and movies? I don't think so either. I think it's our current social plan. We don't talk about it enough! Yet, I wonder who's to blame for it. It's not the second Amendment as Moore points out. Some people just shouldn't be having kids. I think that's the real problem.

I like what Moore did with the K-Mart and the bullets though. Even though I am a capitalist and they were turning K-Mart into an advisary and turning them into the "cause", which is a thought process I am totally against, they did expose something. A 17 year old was working a gun department and sold them ALL the ammunition. That had to have been hundreds of dollars worth of ammo. The second Amendment says you can own again a gun or "bear arms". It doesn't say you can go into a store and buy a shitload of ammo. You can't go into a drugstore and cases of Sudafed, yet it is your right to own some legally. We regulate so many petty things like cigarette smoking, alcohol and spray paint at a hardware stores, so I see no reason to have some sort of restriction on ammo. Yet still, it's idiots that cause us to regulate this stuff not the actual items themselves.

I couldn't watch the end of Bowling for Columbine because I think Moore is a sick person. I listened but I didn't want to watch. He goes to Charlton Heston's house with a camera as a "card carrying member of the NRA" to discuss the NRA with Heston. Charlton Heston is NOT the cause of the Columbine, the Flynt Michigan murder or any other imbecile that wants to take someone's life with a gun. Yet Moore just out for his own vindication. Let's go attack a feeble old man, some legendary icon in film who probably wants to be remembered for his younger days as a film star. It was a sick attack. Heston is one man. He doesn't put the guns in the hands of those who want to kill others. Heston had no choice but to get up and leave... IN HIS OWN HOME!!! How jacked up is that? Damn you Michael Moore, Damn you all to Hell!

For that, I think you should take your camera over to Clint Eastwood's house! Your documentary provided no solution or plan, only your misguided agenda which over shadowed your cause as a humanitarian.

I wanna see the other film now.

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