Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Bohemian Rhapsody Haircut.

Today sucked. The weather is no good. 20 days of rain in March so far and there is tonight and tomorrow we still have to set the all time record. It's also one of the coldest Marches. The last two we saw temps in the 90's. I think the highest we got was 70 degrees this month.

I decided to kill some time at work and get a hair cut today. I stopped off at a Quizno's Sub in Santa Rosa and went in after lunch to the Super Cuts next door. The following moments were the most surreal of the week.

I was quickly put in a chair and offered candy. Now I have not been offered candy since I was a kid at a barber shop. What the hell? They had some of those butterscotch hard candies so I took two. As usualy with a hair cut at Super Cuts you get a single serving friend much like those who sit next to you on a plane. It was small talk central. Where I worked... How long since my last cut... What are my plans this weekend... Yada yada yada...

Then, suddenly in the seat next to me, this obnoxious guy starts flipping out. His hair stylist had to call for back up and my stylist joined in. Apparently this man didn't like his haircut the previous visit, 4 weeks back. He wanted his cut for free because he wasn't satisfied. He pointed to the commercials and the signs on the walls. My cutter asked for his receipt and the guy totally could not produce one. The argument went on and finally he agreed to pay for this one. Now his complaint was that his cut was too short last visit. It looked as if he had a grown out butch.

I looked over at him through the reflection in the mirror. He was early 20's and had piercings all over his face. Kinda gross and dirty. Maybe a one time goth kid. Who knew? My stylist and I began talking about him in code, discussing our dealings with the public. The radio was playing loud enough so he couldn't hear us.

A few minutes went by and on the radio Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" starts to play. And quietly but deliberately the guys starts to sing:

Is this the real life-
Is this just fantasy-
Caught in a landslide-....

I am thinking to myself, "This guy's freaky deeky. But sounds like Mr(s). Freddy Mercury himself." My stylist and I are now quiet. Just listening and both smirking. The song carries on and then suddenly as if it we were live at Wembley for Live Aid, he belts out:


HOLY CRAP!!! I swear I was looking for a Bic to start waving... Quickly the man was gathered up for a free shampoo so he didn't scared the hell out of the kids waiting for their cuts.... I am falling out of my chair laughing so hard. This guy.... Man...

It makes for a funny story.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

This One is Really Bad...

So the other morning, I ran over to the local Starbucks for my morning cup of crank joe. Just something I do as a normal ritual on Sundays. I cannot drive the Hummer normally since it is the wife's car so naturally I take in out on the weekend.

As usual, at the Starbucks on Broadway there is a bum. It's not the same bum but one that frequents that corner. The bums sort of rotate down there like they take shifts. As always they are real polite, apologize for bothering you. They ask for money so they can eat. Usually if you give them money they make a B-line for the liquor store next door. This time though, I emphatically say "no" because I felt like I was being overtly pestered.

After escaping into the Starbucks, I ordered my triple shot Venti Mocha with no whip cream. I order some food and go to pay and that's when I realize I have no money and I left the ATM card at home. The drink's made, the food's in my hand and I owe $6.05. Naturally I was embarassed and told them I'd be right back since I lived a few blocks away. "NO!!"...the attendant says, "No way... keep it. We totally understand. You are good for it. It's on us today, you are here all the time. I recognize the U2 hat. No worries, you are a good customer"

I stood for a second with my coffee and food that I now had to keep. I thanked them politely and moved on. I walked outside, passed the bum with a warm cup of coffee and got in the Hummer and left.

I feel like such a dick.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Steve's Ikea Day from HELL!!!!

This week, I kept up my usual pattern when it comes to gambling. I was in Vegas for two days. I got one night at the Hard Rock Casino to take some money off the tables at the Black Jack tables. Since last August, I have been on a tear, hardly losing and usually bringing home a couple of hundred. Last Tuesday night was no different. I took $250 in about an hour. I have total self control when I gamble. I stick to the same plan every time, playing conservative on the slow times and lighting it up when the cards roll hot. I also plan to lose X amount of dollars and I never take an ATM card to the casino.

So this week, like the post a couple of weeks back, I took the money to buy home improvements. I went to Ikea to get a much needed sink for the bathroom on the middle floor. I swear when I pulled the cabinets off the walls, the 1960's "Wonder Years"- style wall paper made a re-appearance. The demo was easy, maybe 15 minutes.

Even building of the new cabinets was easy. I had the big one for the sink up in roughly 20 minutes. We bought a mirror and a medicine cabinet. We also bought a light fixture which was the first problem. Who ever did the last remodel in my bathroom did not know how to center things well. I was thinking maybe the old fixture was centered. Nope, the electrical was on the outside edge and the dude monkeyed it altogether. I had to run to Lowe's for another one and that was too small even though the measurements were similar to the old one. So the fixtures I got go back and hopefully Ikea has a bigger one.

Next was the sink. The old one would plug all the time. The drain was all gross and had some weird plunger thingy internally into the pipe. I bought some sulfuric acid to clean the pipes. I had forgotten that a week earlier I had bought a Drano type chemical which was highly alkaline. The stuff was still in the lines and when the sulfuric acid hit it... OH MAN!!! I had my wife run and open every window and told her to leave the house. The pipes were cooking man. I swear they got up to 150 degrees. The old pipe from the wall was spewing like Kilauea. Smoking! Sulfur. I got not get a bucket fast enought. Needless to say the floor is very, very clean.

Once the smoke cleared, the next endeavor was to attach the faucet to the 3/8" lines. 3/8" inch lines. 3/8"? This is Ikea. They didn't... Yep, freaking metric system. So the first thing I thought I'd do was get a 3/8" compression fitting to a 1/8" FPT so I could just screw it into the faucet. The Ikea version of the 1/8" fit into every 1/8" pipe fitting I already had laying around the house so why not. Nope, that didn't work. So then I ran to Home Depot to jerry rig something.

My helpful was at Home Depot today. Actually he was overtly helpful. The dude was a circus clown. He bounced off the walls yelling "Bam!" when he handed each fitting to people he was helping. " You are gonna need this 3/8".. BAM!!.. Then the 1/4", BAM!! for the Ice Maker and this line for the BAM!!!..." He went on and on. I did not need this man today but I had to go through him to meet my objective. I showed him my Ikea faucet and he goes, "Ah those Swiss. It's Swiss... you can't find anything Swiss here." It's Swedish, you... anyhow. Mr Energy was now totally deflated because I brought this foreign object into his store and he began a fast pace far from me. "It's a great faucet though, go back to Ikea or you'll have to..." And right there he said it. The words you'd never thought you'd hear out of hardware store in public:

"You'll have to (Insert N-Word) rig it, with some 3/8" braided hose and some..."


I got home. The water was off but leaking everywhere. The acid fumes were in full flight. I put my "universal fittings" on (hose clamps), and turned the water back on. You have to run to the back of the house and turn a fitting to shut the water down. By the time I got upstairs water was everywhere. I lost an "o" ring. I swore like crazy. I shut it back down. It was now dark. I was ready to make a 4th trip to the hardware store and... well screw it. There is always Sunday. I'll post a picture when its done. I gotta connect a pipe and install the doors. The medicince cabinet has got to go up too.

Monday, March 20, 2006

It's a dude!!!

It looks like it's gonna be a boy!

The arrow points to his "thingies"

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Smoking Bans Over the Top?

"When I was in England I experimented with marijuana a time or two, and I didn't like it. I didn't inhale." -- Bill Clinton

(Note: Hommage to Donegal Express, FYI--How did Clinton know he didn't like it if he didn't inhale?)

I don't smoke and I don't like places that allow smoking inside like Indian Casinos and the State of Nevada. Cigarette smoking is disgusting and gross and is pretty much a death sentence. If you smoke now, quit or your lungs will look like the picture on the right.

But smoking bans? We're getting a bit over the top with those. The great socialist republic of the west called, California, has cities taking this whole smoking ban thing to new heights! The city of Calabasas, outside of Los Angeles has decided to not only ban smoking in indoor public places but also banned it outside! (Read) The mayor is even quoted as saying, "People should have the right to breathe clean air." That's right folks, the right to breathe clean air. In Los Angeles, where there is brown living object in the sky called smog. You know? Pollution. What are liberals to do? They cannot sit "outside" at the local coffee houses with their drum circles and hacky sacks, puffing away on their "clove" cigarettes imported from Indonesia, drinking their triple shot chai tea lattes, while plugging away on their laptops telling us all the "right" way to think. And how ironic is that "right to breathe clean air" when we plug more carbon dioxide and methane into the air everyday by simply drinking a glass of beer with a bean burrito?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

30,000 hits: And A Server Overload!

The site is back up now. My last post regarding IKEA was picked up by a mainstream talk show host in the midwest. I had 350 hits from Caterpillar Inc. alone!!! Simply amazing!


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Lack of posts...

Sorry, the new Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is out on Xbox 360.

"My eyes, the goggles do nothing!"

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Who I'd Choose to Run the Country

After my second shopping experience in my 32 year history of honoring this planet with the grace of my human presence, I'd choose IKEA and it's founder, Ingvar Kamprad, to run the United States Government. The man is brilliant. The company is brilliant. Jam-packing all that efficiency into a two story warehouse and giving us a legitimate reason to actually drive over the river to West Sacramento, get out of the car, feel safe from a violent crime and actually spend our hard earned money seems to be all the right reasons to give IKEA the job. Sure Ingvar has that little NAZI Party problem back in the 1940's and that raging alcohol consumption issue. We still can take a few lessons from how he earned his billions from IKEA's principles:

Flat-Pack Packaging Our government, instead of buying complete pieces from Boeing and Lockheed to make war, they could just buy the designs and out-source the raw materials themselves. Imagine the employment opportunities right here at home for people to rip open packages and assemble them. Once you made a few planes, you'd be the expert. There'd be no favoritism or kickbacks. There'd be huge savings in defense spending. Our deserts and forests would be free from test flights and bombing runs.

Square Foot Efficiency Throughout IKEA there are ideas on how to save space, organize the clutter and make room for your appliances. This thought process should by applied to our highway system. Let's face it, we're buying more and more cars. Population is growing and no one wants a brand spanking new ten lane super highway going through what used to be called their backyard. If we can organize the clutter on our highways by making our current system more efficient and put our workplaces, grocery stores and malls closer to our homes either through compacting them in regional areas or improving the road we travel to get to them we can spend less time on the road and more time with our families. If we spent more time with our families, we'd spend more money, growing our economy. Gas prices would drop because the demand in gas used sitting on a freeway in traffic would diminish, saving our environment.

Single Route Shopping If you are new customer or an old pro at IKEA shopping you are treated the same. You virtually have to traverse the entire store to buy the things you need. I say apply this efficient process to the tax code. Let's figure the average personal income for the country and apply the appropriate tax needed to pay to run our government based on. If the tax number then is let's say 20%, then charge everyone 20% whether they are a minimum wage car washer or a multi-billion dollar Swedish industrialist. Make everyone fill out the same form and lay down the exact same deductions for everyone, when they apply, like for kids or something. Then, we could pretty much abolish the IRS down to a paper pushing organization and clearly stop all these "unfairness" claims the liberal left bombards us with.

IKEA Dollars At IKEA, if you pay for your goods with a debit card, you get 1% back to spend the next time you shop. They do this for one reason only, they don't have to handle cash and they don't have to pay a fee for the credit card charge. The money goes right to their bank account at the same time. Imagine that, you actually save money for paying in a faster method instead of creating a deficit. Imagine the possiblities Congress; saving money because you paid the bills on time!

If fiscal responsibility makes me sound like a socialist here for praising IKEA that's fine by me!

BE THE 30,000th: My unique visitor counter will pass 30,000 sometime Thursday or Friday.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Steve's Meatball Sandwich Experience

One of our Saturday rituals is to get a sandwich at the Italian Importing Co. in Sacramento. I discovered this place about 8 years ago when I moved to Sacramento and lived around the corner. They have a grip of a meatball sandwich that is to die for. It's total grubbage. My wife gets the avocado and cheese sandwich. We love this little Italian grocery store. It's very old fashioned. They have fresh sausages and pasta. Anything Italian that is worthwhile is there. My sister in law's are drooling as they read this because they so wanna go there sometime.

This morning I lined up some chores. I finished raking leaves out of my backyard. Cleaned up my lawnmower so I can give it away. Changed the battery in the Porsche and got the thing running. It's running like crap right now but at least it starts and I can drive it. I took it over to the Italian store for the sandwich run.

While parking in front as usual on Saturday, I noticed a large group of people, maybe 15 or so walking towards the corner where the store was. What was weird was they all were dressed in black. They didn't look like goths or Jehovah's Witnesses or some cult but it was striking to see they were all in black. Maybe a funeral or maybe it was work attire, who knows.

It takes a while to get out of the Porsche. The linkage is broken or stuck or something on the driver side so I have to sort of "Dukes of Hazzard" it out of the car. I was about 30 feet from the door of the store and so was the group. The guys sorta slowed to admire the car. The ladies kept walking and just walking SLOW!!! I mean, molasses on New Years day in Peoria, Illinois slow. (s'up lawryde) And to top if off they were like six-wide on the sidewalk. WTF I thought.

I didn't think they were going for the store but they did last second and in the process I bumped into one of the ladies in front of me. Now one funny accidental thing about the grocery store is that the front door is backwards. You don't "pull" you push. Most stores you pull to get in, because of a fire. One of the ladies pulled on it like 4 times and exclaimed, "They're closed."

"PUSH!!" I say rudely, drawing attention to the big letters on the door that say "PUSH". The first lady heads in with like four of them following and the guys were behind me. I swear the lady gets no farther than 1 foot in the door and she stops, causing me to bump into the ladies again. Christ! I think to myself.

Now the guys in the group are right on me. I am wearing a green shirt so I totally stick out in this dark group of people because I don't belong. You can tell I am separate. I duck left hoping that if I hurry around the back I can flank the group before they get to the sandwich counter. I was foiled by a 4 foot tall lady standing behind the 4 foot 1 inch tall pasta rack. I swear the lady was just a stack of dirt and bones with the pasta packages pressed up against her face. We sort of tied. I was right there with the lead lady. The owner of the store comes to the counter and says, "Who's next?"

This ownern guy is totally cross eyed. I knew this and it was my advantage because when he looked like he was looking at the lady, I knew, after 8 years as a loyal customer that the man was looking at me, by looking at her. Before she can order, I raise my index finger and yell, "Here!" and then I turned and glared at the lady, with an evil scowl like, "Don't you even think about ordering your 15 sandwiches before me, bitch!" I got my sandwich in before the group ordered their meatball sandwiches. There are three people working at this store. Three! I'd still be there if I didn't press the issue.

I am a such a jerk, but you all knew that!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What if Steve died?

Obituary in Sacramento Bee 3/8/06: Stephen (Name with-held for indentity security), 32, Sacramento. Survived by his darling wife, (name starts with K) and his unborn child, his Parents, two Brothers, two Nieces and two Nephews. Stephen graduated from the University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA and still up until his death had his trademark Birkenstocks and Doc Martens in his closet. Stephen worked for almost 9 years for a large Fortune 500 company where he was a top employee. He loved playing guitar, writing on his blog, racing his Porsche, working on his house, his 4 cats Abbey, Jack, Daisy and Flea and dog Trisha, his iPod, his Apple computer, Fantasy Sports leagues, three card poker, and being a royal pain in the ass. Stephen played football in high school for one year where he sat on the end of the bench, guarded the water bottle and tackled anyone who came near it. He played on all the return and kick off teams as well. Stephen was the lead guitarist for now defunct Sacramento jam band, Perception. They had no albums and played about three gigs, one of which was paid. He saw u2 five times, was verbally assaulted by Gwen Stefani and was once carried on the shoulders of Shaquille O'Neal. He worked at the Macy's on Santa Monica's famed 3rd Street Promenade. He was a die hard Republican and a big fan of TV's Law and Order. He had at least four concussions, one pretty serious. He didn't smoke or do drugs but he's drank more than his fairshare of Guinness, Jameson and Knob Creek. Known for coining the phrase, "Let's blow this hotdog stand" when leaving a room. His dream was to play guitar with Mike Ness from Social Distortion.

As weird as it sounds, it felt good to sit down and write my own obituary today.

Death has the ultimate lasting effect and everyone will face this challenge, sometime soon or sometime within the next 40, 50 even 60 years. I mean, face it, it's unavoidable even if you are well to do or even live a lifetime full of luck. The oldest anyone can live is probably 125 years and your chances of that are probably 1 in 5 billion! Well that's probably a guess but there are only two people alive over 118 right now!

I didn't sleep last night. I couldn't shut it down. I couldn't relax. I even listened to some Ben Folds Five on low volume because that will put you to sleep. It didn't so I went downstairs, popped an amitriptyline, laid on the couch and watched TV. I was all up and worried about death, not the death of anyone else but my mortality. We've had some troubling news this past weekend regarding mortality and short lives. We had the stroke and then death of Minnesota Twins great, Kirby Puckett age 45, followed by the death of Dana Reeve, age 45, from Lung Cancer. I'll tell you what, these deaths scare the living shit out of me. 45!! That's like 13 years from now for me. 45? That's not old at all! I am a just 32. Strokes, cancer... that only happens to old people right? Apparently not so. It can happen to me as well. It can happen to you! Now, today. Dead. Gone! It's over man...

The event of your death is probably pretty peaceful. Even if agonizingly slow, when the end comes, it's probably like a flick of a light switch. Whether it goes completely black or turns into heaven, you'll never really know unless it's actually, well... heaven! Or perhaps, hell. But this isn't totally what freaks me out. It's the ancillary effects surrounding your death. Things attached to your life, what you saw, what you did and how you left it are ultimately what counts the most. The people you know who's lives you care for and support. Right? You read about Dana Reeve and Kirby Puckett and see the endless reruns through out the night regarding Dana's life on CNN. They wheel out all these great people like Lance Armstrong and Deepak Chopra to talk the "spirtuality of cancer" and what a great person Dana was with her unselfish devotion to her husband and the spinal cord damage research charity they formed. You watch ESPN and saw what just a genuinely unselfish athlete like Kirby Puckett was like and all these people who admire him and his accomplishments. And this is where I stumble the most with the issue of death: What will they say about me? Will my obituary be what it I want it to be? Who will I leave behind? What will I have accomplished? Did I lead a good life, whatever that is? It's a scary thought process to contemplate. Death... YOU!! Ahhhh!!!!!

Well, I decided today to write this post and bring this issue forward to my keyboard to get it out of my system, and just move on. Blogging is therapy. You say your piece and move on. After last night and the recent short lives of Kirby Puckett and Dana Reeve, I just looked at everyone, especially the older people I saw today, with a bit of admiration and happiness. We all need to stop and smell the roses once in while. Life is way too short!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Steve's Evil Visit to Starbucks


Okay, today I have been in slow motion. Slow to get up. Slow to get ready. The weather was bad today so I was really just moving in a gloomy state.

At 8 o'clock, I pulled into a Starbuck's for my morning pick me up. I swear I should just start mainlining caffiene into my veins. It's just crazy. I walked into the door and to my suprise, no one was in the place. This Starbucks was empty which is rare, especially around here. I didn't think much about it. I casually stood at the door and opened it for a lady to come in.

She was big lady in her 50's and on the cell phone. I made my way in front of her because she was moving slow. I stopped to check out the new Hendrix CD they have on sale which only took a second. I turn around and she is at the register. She totally cut in front of me.

So instead of ordering guess she does? She keeps talking on the phone completely oblivious to the attendant asking for her order. It gets worse, she carries on for a minute or so. I just sit back with my arms folded and just glare. She finally decides to order and orders something that requires a question from the attendant. She doesn't answer. I can't recall what it was but it was required to make the drink. I am just sitting there, still glaring, and still pissed.

Pretty much, now everyone that works at this Starbucks is annoyed by this lady. There are three workers just all waiting. The lady finally answers the question after the third time. And finally, I can order. She gets her coffee and she carries on over at the cream and sugar area with her conversation on the phone.

I make a smart remark to the attendants and they all laugh. I get my Triple Mocha and on the way out I notice something on the counter. It was the lady's keys she had been jingling the whole time. Carpe Diem! I went into action. I picked them up and put them in the rack behind the Jimi Hendrix CD's so you could barely notice them, and then left!

I had parked in the street next to the big window outside Starbucks. I just sat in my truck and watched as the lady went first to her car, then look in her purse, and finally develop that "Oh Shit!" look on her face. It was totally cool because from my vantage point, I can see her march from the parking lot back into Starbucks. She must have been in a hurry. No one appeared to be helping her. I almost spilled my coffee as I was laughing so hard in my truck. It made my day... I felt great as I pulled away.

I wonder if she found them...

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Steve Encounters Hippie, Makes a New Friend...

Yesterday was my wife and I's anniversary. Six years of marrital bliss! We decided to be insane and head up to Tahoe Friday night for a weekend stay. Yeah, stupid to say the least, there was like a foot a snow covering the road and it took us seven hours when it normally takes two. Saturday was clear and we were able to hit our favorite restaurants like the Bridge Tender and Sunnyside. Sunnyside was great, I had a prime rib and she had shrimp fettucini. We sat by the window. It was romantic until the elf family showed up. This obnoxious little family with like a bundle of kids aging probably 15 to 3. Annoying as all hell with their Shirley Temples, Budwisers and White Zinfindel. They were in awe of me eating prime rib. I freaking hate it when people talk to you when you are eating.

Anyhow, we got up at six this morning to race down the hill before the storm hit. We would havd loved to stay until Monday but the storm looks pretty big hitting us. I'd have taken more pictures but my camera froze. The above picture is is what the cabin looked like all buried in the snow.

On the way out, I hit the little cafe next to the Bridge Tender. I can't recall the name but it is right on the bridge next to the Truckee River, the river Lake Tahoe feeds. I walked into this place and it was another world. Totally granola if you know what I mean. It was a hip-i-fied cozy little coffee shop with all natural breakfast food, fresh juice and what I came in to get, a mean Mocha with a few shots of Expresso.

The barista, the man making the coffee drinks, was totally cool. He was probably in his 50's and probably lived in Tahoe all his life. Greying long hair and a braided brownish grey beard and beedy little granny glasses. He was giving away. "Low Life Local" stickers away at the counter. You can here Trey Anastasio wailing on the guitar in the background. You can tell it was a bootlegged live , "Phish" album playing.

"So man, what's happening?" the coffee guys says.

"Not much, I am just getting an early start this morning... Gotta hit the hill", I say.

"Cool man..." He says

"You know what the conditions are like?" I ask.

"It's bottomless man, totally bottomless..." He says.

Now I am totally confused by this statement as the guy behind me orders his coffee. He is decked out in snowboard wear. He is ready for the day

"Dude...", the snowboarder says, "I am recycling man, look I brought back my drink sleeve for my coffee, I'll take a 20 ouncer and a muffin"

"Righteous man, It's all about conservation!" the coffee guy says.

The snowboarder is then introduced to every worker in the place. It was like a total commune family, being totally capitalist and charging more than Starbucks up the street does for coffee.

"Have you had our expresso before, man?" the coffee guy says to me.

"Yeah, it's good... I have had it a few times." I say, staring out the window at my Hummer and the H1 now parked next to it.

"Oh..." he says, "You have been here before, what's your name man? I'll give you 4 shots instead of just 3 man, thanks for supporting us, are you from around here? Man... you should have a good day on the hill, man."

"Thanks... uh, yeah, um... I am heading back down the hill, I am driving, not skiing today." I say.

"Far out", he says now giving me the finger, "This should be good for a few of these when you head down for that traffic. What's your name man?"

I tell him Steve and get introduced to the entire staff. Hand shakes the whole bit. I walk out of the place shaking my head as I traverse a snow berm to get into the car. I wonder how jovial the conversation would have been if I told him I was a Republican?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Colorado High School Teacher Equates Bush to Hitler

This has got to stop. Seriously, joke's over you lefties. We get it. You all think Bush is a fascist.

But now you are teaching it to our kids? Mr. Bennish, who looks exactly like I pictured when I first heard the story, seems to think it's ok to tell impressionable kids the "facts" regarding the Bush Presidency. He does so by citing phrases from Bush's State of the Union Address and makes blanket statements saying, "Bush sounds like Adolf Hitler". This is a GEOGRAPHY class with maps and stuff. These poor kids are not even old enough to vote or make a rational decision in regards to voting yet. They'll vote what their parents vote or vote against their parents. That's it. I'm sorry but I don't need a teacher preaching his "facts" to school kids.

We were lucky a kid taped the whole event for all of us to hear. But you know what is coming next don't you? That's right... the teacher will be let go and he will sue. Sure he was suspended with pay until they investigate but he'll get fired. Bush of course will be the cause of this firing. And what's even more funny, he'll get a new case for the ACLU to screw our school system even more. Where are you for the teachers that don't wanna teach evolution eh? It seems the left only wants to defend rules that are their own.

Great! Here it comes!

***Update.. Read second comment below and follow link to hear what the teacher said***