Thursday, March 02, 2006

Colorado High School Teacher Equates Bush to Hitler

This has got to stop. Seriously, joke's over you lefties. We get it. You all think Bush is a fascist.

But now you are teaching it to our kids? Mr. Bennish, who looks exactly like I pictured when I first heard the story, seems to think it's ok to tell impressionable kids the "facts" regarding the Bush Presidency. He does so by citing phrases from Bush's State of the Union Address and makes blanket statements saying, "Bush sounds like Adolf Hitler". This is a GEOGRAPHY class with maps and stuff. These poor kids are not even old enough to vote or make a rational decision in regards to voting yet. They'll vote what their parents vote or vote against their parents. That's it. I'm sorry but I don't need a teacher preaching his "facts" to school kids.

We were lucky a kid taped the whole event for all of us to hear. But you know what is coming next don't you? That's right... the teacher will be let go and he will sue. Sure he was suspended with pay until they investigate but he'll get fired. Bush of course will be the cause of this firing. And what's even more funny, he'll get a new case for the ACLU to screw our school system even more. Where are you for the teachers that don't wanna teach evolution eh? It seems the left only wants to defend rules that are their own.

Great! Here it comes!

***Update.. Read second comment below and follow link to hear what the teacher said***

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