Monday, March 06, 2006

Steve's Evil Visit to Starbucks


Okay, today I have been in slow motion. Slow to get up. Slow to get ready. The weather was bad today so I was really just moving in a gloomy state.

At 8 o'clock, I pulled into a Starbuck's for my morning pick me up. I swear I should just start mainlining caffiene into my veins. It's just crazy. I walked into the door and to my suprise, no one was in the place. This Starbucks was empty which is rare, especially around here. I didn't think much about it. I casually stood at the door and opened it for a lady to come in.

She was big lady in her 50's and on the cell phone. I made my way in front of her because she was moving slow. I stopped to check out the new Hendrix CD they have on sale which only took a second. I turn around and she is at the register. She totally cut in front of me.

So instead of ordering guess she does? She keeps talking on the phone completely oblivious to the attendant asking for her order. It gets worse, she carries on for a minute or so. I just sit back with my arms folded and just glare. She finally decides to order and orders something that requires a question from the attendant. She doesn't answer. I can't recall what it was but it was required to make the drink. I am just sitting there, still glaring, and still pissed.

Pretty much, now everyone that works at this Starbucks is annoyed by this lady. There are three workers just all waiting. The lady finally answers the question after the third time. And finally, I can order. She gets her coffee and she carries on over at the cream and sugar area with her conversation on the phone.

I make a smart remark to the attendants and they all laugh. I get my Triple Mocha and on the way out I notice something on the counter. It was the lady's keys she had been jingling the whole time. Carpe Diem! I went into action. I picked them up and put them in the rack behind the Jimi Hendrix CD's so you could barely notice them, and then left!

I had parked in the street next to the big window outside Starbucks. I just sat in my truck and watched as the lady went first to her car, then look in her purse, and finally develop that "Oh Shit!" look on her face. It was totally cool because from my vantage point, I can see her march from the parking lot back into Starbucks. She must have been in a hurry. No one appeared to be helping her. I almost spilled my coffee as I was laughing so hard in my truck. It made my day... I felt great as I pulled away.

I wonder if she found them...

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