Tuesday, March 28, 2006

This One is Really Bad...

So the other morning, I ran over to the local Starbucks for my morning cup of crank joe. Just something I do as a normal ritual on Sundays. I cannot drive the Hummer normally since it is the wife's car so naturally I take in out on the weekend.

As usual, at the Starbucks on Broadway there is a bum. It's not the same bum but one that frequents that corner. The bums sort of rotate down there like they take shifts. As always they are real polite, apologize for bothering you. They ask for money so they can eat. Usually if you give them money they make a B-line for the liquor store next door. This time though, I emphatically say "no" because I felt like I was being overtly pestered.

After escaping into the Starbucks, I ordered my triple shot Venti Mocha with no whip cream. I order some food and go to pay and that's when I realize I have no money and I left the ATM card at home. The drink's made, the food's in my hand and I owe $6.05. Naturally I was embarassed and told them I'd be right back since I lived a few blocks away. "NO!!"...the attendant says, "No way... keep it. We totally understand. You are good for it. It's on us today, you are here all the time. I recognize the U2 hat. No worries, you are a good customer"

I stood for a second with my coffee and food that I now had to keep. I thanked them politely and moved on. I walked outside, passed the bum with a warm cup of coffee and got in the Hummer and left.

I feel like such a dick.

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