Sunday, March 05, 2006

Steve Encounters Hippie, Makes a New Friend...

Yesterday was my wife and I's anniversary. Six years of marrital bliss! We decided to be insane and head up to Tahoe Friday night for a weekend stay. Yeah, stupid to say the least, there was like a foot a snow covering the road and it took us seven hours when it normally takes two. Saturday was clear and we were able to hit our favorite restaurants like the Bridge Tender and Sunnyside. Sunnyside was great, I had a prime rib and she had shrimp fettucini. We sat by the window. It was romantic until the elf family showed up. This obnoxious little family with like a bundle of kids aging probably 15 to 3. Annoying as all hell with their Shirley Temples, Budwisers and White Zinfindel. They were in awe of me eating prime rib. I freaking hate it when people talk to you when you are eating.

Anyhow, we got up at six this morning to race down the hill before the storm hit. We would havd loved to stay until Monday but the storm looks pretty big hitting us. I'd have taken more pictures but my camera froze. The above picture is is what the cabin looked like all buried in the snow.

On the way out, I hit the little cafe next to the Bridge Tender. I can't recall the name but it is right on the bridge next to the Truckee River, the river Lake Tahoe feeds. I walked into this place and it was another world. Totally granola if you know what I mean. It was a hip-i-fied cozy little coffee shop with all natural breakfast food, fresh juice and what I came in to get, a mean Mocha with a few shots of Expresso.

The barista, the man making the coffee drinks, was totally cool. He was probably in his 50's and probably lived in Tahoe all his life. Greying long hair and a braided brownish grey beard and beedy little granny glasses. He was giving away. "Low Life Local" stickers away at the counter. You can here Trey Anastasio wailing on the guitar in the background. You can tell it was a bootlegged live , "Phish" album playing.

"So man, what's happening?" the coffee guys says.

"Not much, I am just getting an early start this morning... Gotta hit the hill", I say.

"Cool man..." He says

"You know what the conditions are like?" I ask.

"It's bottomless man, totally bottomless..." He says.

Now I am totally confused by this statement as the guy behind me orders his coffee. He is decked out in snowboard wear. He is ready for the day

"Dude...", the snowboarder says, "I am recycling man, look I brought back my drink sleeve for my coffee, I'll take a 20 ouncer and a muffin"

"Righteous man, It's all about conservation!" the coffee guy says.

The snowboarder is then introduced to every worker in the place. It was like a total commune family, being totally capitalist and charging more than Starbucks up the street does for coffee.

"Have you had our expresso before, man?" the coffee guy says to me.

"Yeah, it's good... I have had it a few times." I say, staring out the window at my Hummer and the H1 now parked next to it.

"Oh..." he says, "You have been here before, what's your name man? I'll give you 4 shots instead of just 3 man, thanks for supporting us, are you from around here? Man... you should have a good day on the hill, man."

"Thanks... uh, yeah, um... I am heading back down the hill, I am driving, not skiing today." I say.

"Far out", he says now giving me the finger, "This should be good for a few of these when you head down for that traffic. What's your name man?"

I tell him Steve and get introduced to the entire staff. Hand shakes the whole bit. I walk out of the place shaking my head as I traverse a snow berm to get into the car. I wonder how jovial the conversation would have been if I told him I was a Republican?

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