Sunday, March 12, 2006

Who I'd Choose to Run the Country

After my second shopping experience in my 32 year history of honoring this planet with the grace of my human presence, I'd choose IKEA and it's founder, Ingvar Kamprad, to run the United States Government. The man is brilliant. The company is brilliant. Jam-packing all that efficiency into a two story warehouse and giving us a legitimate reason to actually drive over the river to West Sacramento, get out of the car, feel safe from a violent crime and actually spend our hard earned money seems to be all the right reasons to give IKEA the job. Sure Ingvar has that little NAZI Party problem back in the 1940's and that raging alcohol consumption issue. We still can take a few lessons from how he earned his billions from IKEA's principles:

Flat-Pack Packaging Our government, instead of buying complete pieces from Boeing and Lockheed to make war, they could just buy the designs and out-source the raw materials themselves. Imagine the employment opportunities right here at home for people to rip open packages and assemble them. Once you made a few planes, you'd be the expert. There'd be no favoritism or kickbacks. There'd be huge savings in defense spending. Our deserts and forests would be free from test flights and bombing runs.

Square Foot Efficiency Throughout IKEA there are ideas on how to save space, organize the clutter and make room for your appliances. This thought process should by applied to our highway system. Let's face it, we're buying more and more cars. Population is growing and no one wants a brand spanking new ten lane super highway going through what used to be called their backyard. If we can organize the clutter on our highways by making our current system more efficient and put our workplaces, grocery stores and malls closer to our homes either through compacting them in regional areas or improving the road we travel to get to them we can spend less time on the road and more time with our families. If we spent more time with our families, we'd spend more money, growing our economy. Gas prices would drop because the demand in gas used sitting on a freeway in traffic would diminish, saving our environment.

Single Route Shopping If you are new customer or an old pro at IKEA shopping you are treated the same. You virtually have to traverse the entire store to buy the things you need. I say apply this efficient process to the tax code. Let's figure the average personal income for the country and apply the appropriate tax needed to pay to run our government based on. If the tax number then is let's say 20%, then charge everyone 20% whether they are a minimum wage car washer or a multi-billion dollar Swedish industrialist. Make everyone fill out the same form and lay down the exact same deductions for everyone, when they apply, like for kids or something. Then, we could pretty much abolish the IRS down to a paper pushing organization and clearly stop all these "unfairness" claims the liberal left bombards us with.

IKEA Dollars At IKEA, if you pay for your goods with a debit card, you get 1% back to spend the next time you shop. They do this for one reason only, they don't have to handle cash and they don't have to pay a fee for the credit card charge. The money goes right to their bank account at the same time. Imagine that, you actually save money for paying in a faster method instead of creating a deficit. Imagine the possiblities Congress; saving money because you paid the bills on time!

If fiscal responsibility makes me sound like a socialist here for praising IKEA that's fine by me!

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