Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hanging In There...

My lack of posts is mostly due to depression...

Been whacked by it for a week now.  Just comes in waves.  Next week it will probably be laced with pain.  

Yesterday, I drove down to the post office to get my mail in the Porsche.  The car is really loud because of it's air cooled motor and illegal muffler.  The thing sounds somewhat like a Harley at low speeds.

Mind you there are two hundred people physically living in the town here and so, you get noticed,,,

So this old lady sees me and the car and I get out and she says, "You drive too fast and your car is too loud."

I just stand back and say... "So?"

I like doing that to people...  They stand there flabbergasted when they have a problem or issue with something and you act like you don't care.  I really don't care...  I don't.

I guess I could say sorry... but why.  What was it her business anyway?  I just ride up and jump out and never meeting or talking to me before, she is all up in my grill nagging "You drive too fast and your car is too loud." 


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A few things...

First... My body hurts like shit so ignore what a wrote a couple of weeks back. I serious contemplate the fact I have MS on a daily basis. The numb fingers and limbs are sort of a dead give away. I just got my new medical insurance so I can go figure this shit out.

Second, Vegas still loves me with $250 in my wallet sans the $50 I dropped trying step it up on the roulette table on the way to the cashier. It is the shit.

Third... Don't people that pour coffee for a living annoy the shit out of you with their perkiness or the fact they just might care how you feel?

Fourth... The Mirage Burger is the shit. Not bad for just before midnight room service.

Fifth... I am getting some grrr back on my taxes. I totally shit when I saw the number...

Saturday, February 07, 2009


Ain't no way, no how I am falling to sleep tonight for some reason... I am wide open... Perhaps it is all the crap at work that races through my mind.

I feel brutalized and have the urge to fire open my email and go back to work building worksheets and presentations to go make the next sale.

Just one of those nights where I cannot keep up with my racing mind.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


Get this...  This never happens~

I paid a bill online to an "unnamed" phone company and you would think in the age of electronics and computers that is would go through and be, well automatically transacted.

Afraid not...

The unnamed phone company LOST the transaction and it did not bounce back to my checking account.

So yeah... I paid a bill electronically and it got lost.  And then of course, they threatened to shut off the phone, etc. and so I got the phone company to stop.  

But the bank... calls me incessantly and takes down the same EXACT information.  Account number and amount.  And they continue to call.

So when they called today, I let them have it.  

The lady answered the phone...  the poor lady didn't know it was coming:

"WTF do I have to do to help (the bank) understand my account number and payment information that I have given to (the bank) at least 4-5 times in the past week?"

"Sir...  I have the claim number what is your name?"

"Isn't the claim number sufficient?  I just gave you that, all my information should appear right there.  Tell me what you see and I will verify that it is correct."

"Sir... I cannot do that, you have to tell me what the information I am asking for?"

"WTF?  I gave Well--(er the bank) this information 4 to 5 times and I am telling you what the claim number, account and the amount, I am asking you to verify that the information I have provided the last 4-5 phone calls is there."

"Sir... I cannot...--"

"Don't sir, me... I gave you a claim number and a description.  It's a 8 digit claim number, I can't make shit up with an 8 digit claim that correlates to a "phone company" bill "the bank" keeps calling me about. Do I have to show up in person to tell you WTF is going on?"

"Sir...  There it is right there... I made a claim that the "phone company" lost your payment. Well we need your account number for the "phone company"."

"You mean the same one in my online payment history.  The same one I gave the last 4-5 calls made to me by "the bank"?

I hate dealing with people this week

Monday, February 02, 2009

Ever feel like this?

This is how I feel some days. No matter what you do or how good you do what you do, how hard you try and make people happy, it all comes down to one little phrase:

Fuck my life...