Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hanging In There...

My lack of posts is mostly due to depression...

Been whacked by it for a week now.  Just comes in waves.  Next week it will probably be laced with pain.  

Yesterday, I drove down to the post office to get my mail in the Porsche.  The car is really loud because of it's air cooled motor and illegal muffler.  The thing sounds somewhat like a Harley at low speeds.

Mind you there are two hundred people physically living in the town here and so, you get noticed,,,

So this old lady sees me and the car and I get out and she says, "You drive too fast and your car is too loud."

I just stand back and say... "So?"

I like doing that to people...  They stand there flabbergasted when they have a problem or issue with something and you act like you don't care.  I really don't care...  I don't.

I guess I could say sorry... but why.  What was it her business anyway?  I just ride up and jump out and never meeting or talking to me before, she is all up in my grill nagging "You drive too fast and your car is too loud." 


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