Tuesday, July 29, 2008


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Infamous So Cal Earthquake today. I was in a car going up to a stop light and I felt the whole car just shake back and forth like something heavy fell from one side to the other. It was a good jolt but I didn't think anything of it. 5 minutes later I was sitting down to eat and it was all over the news. Wow!!

Aftershocks tonight!! Whoo Hoo!!!! Hope we get another 5 plus!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Steve Shares Political Discourse...


Check out the "liberal media" in action.

We all know Bush screwed the pooch as President. I mean, I still support the guy because I think it is the right thing to do (because I am a conservative and I don't quit on my team). But the guy screwed up some things that were his fault (like the "Mission Accomplished" thing with the war still going on 5 years later) and didn't really cause the others that happened on his watch (Barry Bonds, the housing slump, high gas prices, and Global Warming).

And this time... I am stuck in the middle of the road for President. I seriously am going to walk into the voting both in November (because I vote in every election) and toss a coin for Obama or McCain.

But to the article I linked to. Here is what one line says:

WASHINGTON - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Monday blamed "irresponsible decisions" by the Bush administration and Wall Street for the country's economic woes as government officials said the budget deficit would soar to record heights next year.
Fair enough... But then read further along... like 3/4 of the way down and you find this:

Obama didn't name the Bush administration, but his implication was clear.
But McCain did... McCain blamed and named Bush as the cause...

But here is the thing. The media so wants Obama to be President. They flocked with him to Iraq and Afghanistan and to Europe the past 10 days so they can report on the guy. They seem to hold this guy to a high standard because he is black young, fresh and different from the previous candidates. The guy has an err of mythology about him, that is fabricated by the media to combat any negativity that may be perceived by anyone.

The reasons that the media shares with us so we vote for the guy are completely different than the decisions I may have. Personally... He might be the better man than McCain. He may actually be smarter and yes, he may be able to cross the lines in Washington. But to write an article saying Obama said something, when he actually didn't is ludicrous. Whether it was the implication or not... It seems the media only wants to create a mythical creature for us to honor. It's actually a dishonor...

Yes, he is a historical candidate. Yes, it feels good to me that a minority has realistic a shot in America to become President. It is long over due. But the guy has to do the job and he has to be the best one for the job and he can't have a media bias that virtually lies about what he is actually saying. It's a real shame...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cool Music to Download

...but pay for it though so you can send Bono's great great great grandnephews to college...

U2 re-released remastered versions of their first three albums. Plus they repacked them with b-sides from the early days. Plus they used the original cover of Boy for all their fans that are pedophiles.

The second album October has the best b-sides from their live concert in 1981 at the Paradise Theater in Boston. It was the concert that sort of broke them to the bar band circuit way back in 1981 when they just got here. There is some cool shit there. I got the "bootleg" years ago so I didn't rebuy this album. But it is a cool thing to own. Nobody has the October in their collection though unless they are a true fan. Too pretentious and religious even for U2.

What also was released today was a live concert from Paris in 1988. This was during the break of their career when they ruled the world with a number one album and two number one singles back in the day when rock bands made singles that went to number one. So all the songs are Joshua Tree era and earlier. Cool versions of Unforgettable Fire, Exit, Trip Through Your Wires (which they haven't played live since I have been going to their shows) and some cool covers injected into their big hits like, Van Morrison's Gloria into Exit, Bob Marley's Exodus into I Still Haven't Found What I am Looking For and The Doors Break On Through to the Otherside into Electric Co.

This band still amazes me. I was like 10 in 1984 when I first saw the video for Pride In The Name Of Love and 11 when they played Bad during Live Aid. I remember seeing that live and going "wow... that little dude went into the crowd!!"

The Live from Paris album is a great live album. I have listened to it all afternoon. It is cool shit. Go get it!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Steve Crashes...

Dude... I have driven probably a half to 3/4 of a million miles in my life, literally. I put many miles on my vehicles and all that.

Driving down the freeway this morning. I was going the normal speed... not fast or slow... I was at least a half an hour early for my meeting. All of a sudden calamity struck in front of me. Cars were like pinballs crashing into each other. I was a good 150-200 yards behind someone, not going more than 60 MPH and still I could not stop my vehicle. (Because I was not in either Porsche!)

I skidded and it was like one of those slides that took what seemed like a minute but in reality was a few seconds. The car would not stop and I headed right for a Honda Civic. There were at least 9 cars crashed in front of it in a few lanes... smoke everywhere... And I could not freaking stop!!

So I am sliding....sliding... then finally BAM!!!

I was pissed... I got the guy off the road and exchanged info.

I am freaking lucky... All I have is a cracked license plate frame on my Charger. The other car had a scuff that I was able to rub out with my fingers. That dude was cool... he was scared because there was so many cars... I mean they were everywhere with smoke coming out of a few of them.

I fly a lot for my job. And you would think I would be scared of that. I fear crashing a car so much. Two days before Elijah was born, I avoided a 10-15 car pile up by thinking fast and getting out of a lane as everyone crashed behind me. I am lucky. I think of all the driving I have done and I am surprised I haven't crashed more.

Last accident I was in was a bit before I started this blog in 2004. I crashed my 914 off of Lombard St. in San Francisco. A taxi ran a light and clipped my bumper and rear fender and spun me around side ways.

Cars are scary...

We all remember this accident too, don't we? Read July 11th Post

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Root Down

75,000 visitor today. From South Africa searching Steve's Blog on Google...

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Alchemist: Free On iTunes

It is rare that I read anything not on the internet. Actually I take that back... I read the USA Today when I am on the road and I subscribe to the Economist. I get the Economist weekly and I read it cover to cover because it's kind of a non-American point of view of the world. I like to know what other people think.

I read listened to the book, The Alchemist, last night. I saw it last week and it was free on iTunes so I said, "Why not?" I heard so much about the book and it's popularity around the world I thought I would give it a listen. It's two hours by plane to Colorado and back and I figure I'd listen to the whole thing.

The book sold 65 Million copies world wide and has been translated to 56 languages. I think it was given away in Norway before iTunes started giving it away for free for download.

I am not a plot giver, but I highly recommend the book. I listened to the whole thing last night in 4 and a half hours. It is quite a compelling story and it really lets you think.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You Are Not Taking The Last Bagel!

It's only just Tuesday and I am beat down already. I haven't slept for real since Saturday when I slept in until 10 AM.

I am up in Colorado all week, sweating my ass off, doing what it is I do for a living. A lot of pain the last couple of days here. Elbow feels like it is going to fall off. I keep laying on my arms funny only to be woke up a half an hour later.

Last night was an eternity. I started coming down with a disease when I got here yesterday. Probably a cold from my son's daycare or something that I caught. Or maybe I caught it in my parent's swimming pool on Saturday night. Who knows? I could not sleep last night because my nose kept running and running. I'd roll over and it would leak out of the other nostril I was breathing out of. It was kind of sick and goopy. I feel like shit.

So tonight, I wanted something light for dinner. There is a Panera Bread next to my hotel so I went over to see what the fuss is about. I had never been to one of these. So I am standing in line. I was clearly next. I mean, I was behind the person at the register and no one else was there when I got there. I was even acknowledged by the back up pastry getter. So I felt good... (reminds me of that burger story when the fat lady cut me off). Anyway, these two kids come up. One was like13 the other was like 8 or 9. And they were eyeing the bagels, which I happened to be eyeing as well. And they were both shouting out the bagels they wanted. There was one French Toast bagel there. Only one. I wanted it. So did the 9 year old.

So the people paying leave and I start to move up to the counter and the cashier turns her attention to the kids with the "Hi can I help you?" look. And the kids start to fucking order. And I am like, what??? So I go excuse me... I am next!!

I got that last French Toast bagel... So I decided to write in my blog.... As I finish this post... I finish my bagel. Steve beats little kids again.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Steve Jobs is the Man!!

What a wonderful product the new 2.0 iPhone software is for my 32 gig iPod Touch. After months of patience waiting for the apps patch to come out, I finally was able to install it 1:30 AM yesterday morning. I guess the huge success and demand caused quite of bit of eagerness and anticipation for Apple's loyal following.

The first app I downloaded was one called remote. It is really cool to be able to turn on the music in my office from upstairs. And not only can I turn it on from my iPod, I can select a song or playlist to turn on some tunes before I head in for work with my Latte. What an awesome innovation! A WiFi remote... who knew?

Also, I was able to get Scrabble. This will be cool for my frequent plane trips so I can improve my vocabulary and strategy from the plane.

Another app I like is vSnax. Basically it is like youtube but only better because it gets you not only the videos from youtube but videos from news outlets and other sources out there. I can search my own channel on youtube or I can watch the latest news report on CNN all in the palm of my hand. I really need to think about upgrading to the iPhone now but I truly need a bigger hard drive to carry all 4500 plus songs I carry now.

I just can't wait until all the Office viewers for documents and MobileMe comes out. It will be great connecting myself to everything I need.

I love you Steve Jobs!!! You are the man!!! I take back what I said.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Star Wars Coming To America

Star Wars Coming to America - Watch more free videos

old but still funny...

Friday, July 11, 2008

GRRRRRR!!!!!!! (Fuck you Steve Jobs!!!)

I am one of those "gotta have it now" people. The whole new iPhone thing is wreaking havoc across the internet today. The ever popular iTunes website is screwed. Don't even think about going to the Apple Store either. In fact if you have AT&T phone service, don't bother calling. The world is fuct today.

See the whole thing comes with this new iPhone 3g that came out today which is supposedly better and faster. And that is great for those people who want that sort of shit. I am glad.

I just want all the cool apps that are out now for my iPod touch so I am not bored as shit on the plane anymore!

I have been trying to download the new 2.0 software all morning and I can't. The servers are jammed!! And here I thought it was my Mac Mini struggling to keep up or some Mozilla 3.0 issue. It isn't it. It is just an epic fail for Steve Jobs.

And the shitty part about this upgrade. You have to buy it for $9.95. It ain't free. It's a way for Apple to collect $10 bucks off of all of us savvy tech people who like to own cool shit because it is cool. How many millions is ole Steve gonna make today. The share price bombed 4.7 points today so it must be because this launch is an epic fail.

I just want the push technology. I want to do more with the thing than listen to old Samiam songs. I want to use the free apps I downloaded. I want to try out that little band thing they made. Google apps. Reading a powerpoint file and all the other cool shit I bought the thing for 6 months ago with the gambing winnings from hitting 22 straight up on Roullette.

Do you know how many times I downloaded iTunes' upgrade today thinking I screwed something up along in the process? How many times I reset my iPod Touch to its original factory settings?

Jesus H Christ... you suck Steve Jobs!!! You piss me off so much... I did the only thing I could do. Make a motivational poster of you:

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What The Hell?

So much going on in this picture, I don't know where to begin.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hotter Than Balls!!

Holy Crap...

When I left Bakersfield at 2pm it was 113 degrees. It's like you wanted to see the thermometer get hotter and hotter. How high was it going to go? I saw it get to 114 at one point on I-5 and then it backed down. Supposed to be 110 in Sactown on Thursday. Crazy seeing all the oil rigs on Hwy 58. I thought I was in "There Will Be Blood" for a minute.

I thought I'd also cool off, heading into San Jose.... NOT!!

101 when I rolled in... on the 101 of all things.

3 hours and 45 minutes from Bakersfield and that was even stopping for a shake at In and Out. An actual shake... not a "shake", I did that at the gas station when I left Bakersfield.

Walked into my hotel and set the AC on 11, got a pizza... and now I am gonna freaking chill.


Tuesday, July 01, 2008