Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You Are Not Taking The Last Bagel!

It's only just Tuesday and I am beat down already. I haven't slept for real since Saturday when I slept in until 10 AM.

I am up in Colorado all week, sweating my ass off, doing what it is I do for a living. A lot of pain the last couple of days here. Elbow feels like it is going to fall off. I keep laying on my arms funny only to be woke up a half an hour later.

Last night was an eternity. I started coming down with a disease when I got here yesterday. Probably a cold from my son's daycare or something that I caught. Or maybe I caught it in my parent's swimming pool on Saturday night. Who knows? I could not sleep last night because my nose kept running and running. I'd roll over and it would leak out of the other nostril I was breathing out of. It was kind of sick and goopy. I feel like shit.

So tonight, I wanted something light for dinner. There is a Panera Bread next to my hotel so I went over to see what the fuss is about. I had never been to one of these. So I am standing in line. I was clearly next. I mean, I was behind the person at the register and no one else was there when I got there. I was even acknowledged by the back up pastry getter. So I felt good... (reminds me of that burger story when the fat lady cut me off). Anyway, these two kids come up. One was like13 the other was like 8 or 9. And they were eyeing the bagels, which I happened to be eyeing as well. And they were both shouting out the bagels they wanted. There was one French Toast bagel there. Only one. I wanted it. So did the 9 year old.

So the people paying leave and I start to move up to the counter and the cashier turns her attention to the kids with the "Hi can I help you?" look. And the kids start to fucking order. And I am like, what??? So I go excuse me... I am next!!

I got that last French Toast bagel... So I decided to write in my blog.... As I finish this post... I finish my bagel. Steve beats little kids again.

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