Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cool Music to Download

...but pay for it though so you can send Bono's great great great grandnephews to college...

U2 re-released remastered versions of their first three albums. Plus they repacked them with b-sides from the early days. Plus they used the original cover of Boy for all their fans that are pedophiles.

The second album October has the best b-sides from their live concert in 1981 at the Paradise Theater in Boston. It was the concert that sort of broke them to the bar band circuit way back in 1981 when they just got here. There is some cool shit there. I got the "bootleg" years ago so I didn't rebuy this album. But it is a cool thing to own. Nobody has the October in their collection though unless they are a true fan. Too pretentious and religious even for U2.

What also was released today was a live concert from Paris in 1988. This was during the break of their career when they ruled the world with a number one album and two number one singles back in the day when rock bands made singles that went to number one. So all the songs are Joshua Tree era and earlier. Cool versions of Unforgettable Fire, Exit, Trip Through Your Wires (which they haven't played live since I have been going to their shows) and some cool covers injected into their big hits like, Van Morrison's Gloria into Exit, Bob Marley's Exodus into I Still Haven't Found What I am Looking For and The Doors Break On Through to the Otherside into Electric Co.

This band still amazes me. I was like 10 in 1984 when I first saw the video for Pride In The Name Of Love and 11 when they played Bad during Live Aid. I remember seeing that live and going "wow... that little dude went into the crowd!!"

The Live from Paris album is a great live album. I have listened to it all afternoon. It is cool shit. Go get it!!

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