Friday, July 11, 2008

GRRRRRR!!!!!!! (Fuck you Steve Jobs!!!)

I am one of those "gotta have it now" people. The whole new iPhone thing is wreaking havoc across the internet today. The ever popular iTunes website is screwed. Don't even think about going to the Apple Store either. In fact if you have AT&T phone service, don't bother calling. The world is fuct today.

See the whole thing comes with this new iPhone 3g that came out today which is supposedly better and faster. And that is great for those people who want that sort of shit. I am glad.

I just want all the cool apps that are out now for my iPod touch so I am not bored as shit on the plane anymore!

I have been trying to download the new 2.0 software all morning and I can't. The servers are jammed!! And here I thought it was my Mac Mini struggling to keep up or some Mozilla 3.0 issue. It isn't it. It is just an epic fail for Steve Jobs.

And the shitty part about this upgrade. You have to buy it for $9.95. It ain't free. It's a way for Apple to collect $10 bucks off of all of us savvy tech people who like to own cool shit because it is cool. How many millions is ole Steve gonna make today. The share price bombed 4.7 points today so it must be because this launch is an epic fail.

I just want the push technology. I want to do more with the thing than listen to old Samiam songs. I want to use the free apps I downloaded. I want to try out that little band thing they made. Google apps. Reading a powerpoint file and all the other cool shit I bought the thing for 6 months ago with the gambing winnings from hitting 22 straight up on Roullette.

Do you know how many times I downloaded iTunes' upgrade today thinking I screwed something up along in the process? How many times I reset my iPod Touch to its original factory settings?

Jesus H Christ... you suck Steve Jobs!!! You piss me off so much... I did the only thing I could do. Make a motivational poster of you:

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