Sunday, July 13, 2008

Steve Jobs is the Man!!

What a wonderful product the new 2.0 iPhone software is for my 32 gig iPod Touch. After months of patience waiting for the apps patch to come out, I finally was able to install it 1:30 AM yesterday morning. I guess the huge success and demand caused quite of bit of eagerness and anticipation for Apple's loyal following.

The first app I downloaded was one called remote. It is really cool to be able to turn on the music in my office from upstairs. And not only can I turn it on from my iPod, I can select a song or playlist to turn on some tunes before I head in for work with my Latte. What an awesome innovation! A WiFi remote... who knew?

Also, I was able to get Scrabble. This will be cool for my frequent plane trips so I can improve my vocabulary and strategy from the plane.

Another app I like is vSnax. Basically it is like youtube but only better because it gets you not only the videos from youtube but videos from news outlets and other sources out there. I can search my own channel on youtube or I can watch the latest news report on CNN all in the palm of my hand. I really need to think about upgrading to the iPhone now but I truly need a bigger hard drive to carry all 4500 plus songs I carry now.

I just can't wait until all the Office viewers for documents and MobileMe comes out. It will be great connecting myself to everything I need.

I love you Steve Jobs!!! You are the man!!! I take back what I said.

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