Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Steve Crashes...

Dude... I have driven probably a half to 3/4 of a million miles in my life, literally. I put many miles on my vehicles and all that.

Driving down the freeway this morning. I was going the normal speed... not fast or slow... I was at least a half an hour early for my meeting. All of a sudden calamity struck in front of me. Cars were like pinballs crashing into each other. I was a good 150-200 yards behind someone, not going more than 60 MPH and still I could not stop my vehicle. (Because I was not in either Porsche!)

I skidded and it was like one of those slides that took what seemed like a minute but in reality was a few seconds. The car would not stop and I headed right for a Honda Civic. There were at least 9 cars crashed in front of it in a few lanes... smoke everywhere... And I could not freaking stop!!

So I am sliding....sliding... then finally BAM!!!

I was pissed... I got the guy off the road and exchanged info.

I am freaking lucky... All I have is a cracked license plate frame on my Charger. The other car had a scuff that I was able to rub out with my fingers. That dude was cool... he was scared because there was so many cars... I mean they were everywhere with smoke coming out of a few of them.

I fly a lot for my job. And you would think I would be scared of that. I fear crashing a car so much. Two days before Elijah was born, I avoided a 10-15 car pile up by thinking fast and getting out of a lane as everyone crashed behind me. I am lucky. I think of all the driving I have done and I am surprised I haven't crashed more.

Last accident I was in was a bit before I started this blog in 2004. I crashed my 914 off of Lombard St. in San Francisco. A taxi ran a light and clipped my bumper and rear fender and spun me around side ways.

Cars are scary...

We all remember this accident too, don't we? Read July 11th Post

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