Monday, September 17, 2007

My Thoughts On The Juice

I remember sitting in front of a record store in the Modesto Mall watching this dude in his slow white bronco memorized that somebody like that could be going through this. I remember this day because I just bought The Offspring's Smash album. I remember listening to the record all the way back to my then girlfriend's house. (No relation to my current girlfriend, Darling Wife). Then once there, we flipped back on the TV to watch the chase.

Then the next year through the summer I watched the trial unfold. I watched it a lot that summer. I ran this arcade in college and we had this TV. The students coming in and out for some reason would want it on. We'd run it and sell stamps. The debates would fly back and forth. I always took the side as, what if he didn't do it? I did it so much I became convincing. I came up with the gloves don't fit, you must acquit line in my head before Johnny Cochrane did.

Then the dude was found not guilty. I remember watching the verdict and watching this whole crowd of students cry when he was acquitted. I thought, "How lucky was I to have this job in the middle social spot of the campus with all this history?" Then after I graduated when I lived in So Cal, I drove from where the murder took place to his house to see how far it was. It really wasn't. Especially if there was no traffic. Kind of crazy because his ex wife lived on a busy ass street.

Over the years my thoughts of the case change. For the longest time I could go either way. I saw both sides and in my mind from what I read and what I was forced to watch that summer at the arcade job, I could make the case for OJ's guilt or innocence. If you absorbed that trial like I did, whether watching or directly or hearing it while filling the dollar changer with quarters, it was easy to make either case. I can say I was above average on the case.

Now it's straight up guilty. And even better, the dude commits armed robbery in Vegas. Holy Shit! What a fucking soap opera. It's been what 13 years. It's about time we had a trial of the century in Vegas. Who are the players now? Greta Van Susteran even had her face remade for this. Roger Cossack still alive? All these news people who got their careers from this case now have a chance to relive the moment.

So let's see, we have 6 felonies? OJ is up for 30 years. And no bail unless he can miraculously come up with the 33 million to pay off the Goldman's. I think... finally this guy will get some justice. I'd feel bad for Fred Goldman especially if his son's killer never got what coming to him before he passed on. Yet, there is that little side of wondering if the Juice is going to shake loose of this some how and get away. Pretty interesting little scenario here.

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