Sunday, March 08, 2009

I am such a dick!

So... I pull into this parking lot of this store with my clean vehicle. I had just washed it on Friday because that is what I do, wash cars.

Anyway... There was a poor fella with a bike outside the store looking for an "economic stimulus package" from me.

"Hey man... can I wash your windows?" He says.

Gazing back at the clean car... "Ha... not today sir, but thanks for the offer!"

I head into the store and get my stuff and head out.

"Sir..." the man says, "Can you help me out with some spare change?"

I figure I had some time... "Um... why do you ask?"

"Well... I am down on my luck and..." he goes on but I butt in..

"No... you ain't down on your luck. You want some change so you can head over to the liquor store and get yourself some Night Train or MD 20/20! Admit it..."

"You got me!" he says...

I am such a dick!


Stephanie said...

So did you give him the money? I would have for being honest.

Look Mr. Homeless Guy, if you don't want to buy us tickets and not get your 10 bucks and not go buy yourself a bottle of vodka, then be my guest.

Steve said...


No I didn't give him any money. I ain't getting any from Obama so.

Anonymous said...

Obama will take care of him.

Anonymous said...

I love MD 20/20