Wednesday, July 08, 2009


I found $6 in my shorts today. $6. Awesome.

Back in Sactown today, Bay Area tomorrow.

So why does today feel like Tuesday and not Wednesday?

So flying this week, two things happened. First on the way up to Portland, I flew Southwest and I was in the A group. And I had a low number so I sat first. I got in the second row so it was totally cool and I knew I would get my coffee first.

Well as everyone was boarding the captain got on and said that it was about half full so aisle and windows for almost everyone so that was totally cool which means we weren't three to a row like the old days riding the bus to Calaveras High School. (God that sucked)

So this lady gets on and says, "Can I sit next to you?"

She was an older, granola looking lady who obviously was heading for a hike along the Columbia. I let her in since the window was open and she seemed harmless. So I go back to sit down and...


She was sitting in the middle... So... of course, being the prick that I am I was like move over bitch!

Not really, but I did inform her in a totally terse way that the window was open and she should enjoy the view of the Cascades on the way to Oregon.

And she says NO!

Okay, the WTF came entered my mind and I turned around looking for another aisle.... Then she realized no one else was boarding and then she moved over.

So today... I sat on a plane and watched a lady have air sickness. It was sweet.