Friday, August 07, 2009

Look Who is 3

On Monday...

I bought the little dude his first guitar and damn if it is not significant. But I think he appreciates it and it gives he and I some commonality at night when we are being quiet and having some music time. Mostly, lately, I play him music with good melodies or over the top singers and he gets totally hooked into it.

Little guy is a bit zonked after yesterday. I took him to Santa Cruz so he can enjoy all the rides and beach fun in the sun. We went on everything we could since there are height restrictions. He would not be scared to go on anything if we could get him on it.

I loved the day with him. Spending a lazy day with him today and some lazy time tomorrow, then a small birthday party to signify his third.

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Anonymous said...

aww sounds great. So adorable. Nice to see you are getting him interested in Music.
Happy 3rd Elijah!