Monday, September 14, 2009

The Babe Ruth Post...

I have this often reoccurring dream that hit me again last night. It comes in various forms and sometimes it is quite terrifying.

I am in college. I know this because the dream has the setting of my college in various forms... in the Music School... the Business School or some nasty ass dorm food dispenser.

Anyhow... I have this dream where I have this really really tough schedule. I am taking the max units and I have trouble running back and forth from the classes. One of which is this math class, which quite frankly I never had to take in college because I took Calculus in high school and I took some math class to get out of it. Or it was masked somewhere with one of my music theory classes or that worthless inferential statistics class. I don't know... Whatever.

Well I have this math class in my schedule in the dream. And anything could be happening in this dream and suddenly I have to go to math. In this math class, it is all way fucking hard math that I just do not want to donate my time too. And not only in these dreams, do I "blow off" the rest of math because it is so damn hard... I freaking forget to go and I have this big fat "F" on my report card because I forget to drop the class.

I noticed that today, in the real world, I woke up stressed to the fucking max today. And I had the dream last night. Am I forgetting to "drop something" before I fail?

I have to be in the SLC and So Cal this week... With a rapidly approaching baby.

714... and counting...

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