Thursday, October 05, 2006

Back From Where Ever

Fun week so far. I got to know the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport REAL well last night. Spent 5 1/2 hours sitting and waiting, then waiting some more.

You can only drink so much beer at the airport.

Something I just gotta say about planes and politics:

Why are there so many people handicapped or need "wheel chairs"? I truly do not mean to be so malicious with that statement but more of a thought. I mean you can go days with out so much as seeing someone with a cane. Sure you see the cars in the "blue spots" out in front of the local businesses and the people getting out of them but you really don't draw any attention to it... until you are trying to get off the plane.

We let these people on the plane first. They get all the time. Being in the wheel chair is almost like first class because you get assistance from the stewardesses. You get your bags put away for it. Hell, you are even driven acrossed a vast airport like MSP in an electric cart. Usually, you get to sit in front of the plane as well.

Yet, when that plane lands, stops at the gate and the door opens, why is it now suddenly "your turn" to leave the plane "like everyone else", The handicapped get special treatment all the way through like I described, yet when there are 200 people behind them that just want to get off the plane, they stand up and try to stumble off the plane. Why? You boarded first, you don't have to deal with little kids and their swinging backpacks as they follow their parents to their seats. You don't have the guy at the limit with his carry on's. You know the big suitcase, the man purse AND the laptop case and sport coat, with the earbuds on stuffing his shit all the way down the aisle. (Yeah that'd be me sans the man purse) You don't have to deal with it handi-capable people! You got your special treatment because you are not like everyone else yet, when that seat belt light goes off... you join the rush. Hobbling off the plane to look for your wheel chair and someone to drive out of the airport no less, while we all suffer back with the cattle watching you negotiate the aisle.

And this my friends, is where a societal change, like recognition becomes an entitlement. It's all about me, I guess, that is, if you are in a wheel chair.

We can take it step further. There only one thing worse than the Republican Party. Their lying and cheating...fallacies. The President and his war on terror, Iran and North Korea. One thing worse than having someone like Mark Foley around. One thing worse than a Tom Delay and his little scandal. The one thing being:

The Democratic Party!!!

So against the things that protect us like wire-tapping, that when something like this whole Foley IM thing surfaces (conveniently in an election year, in October) that the whole wire tap thing is now "cool" and "new" and it was used to take down a seat in Congress they so desperately need. I mean, how do you catch Foley if not for some "eaves dropping" er uh, "wire tapping". And if they knew they had these goods on Foley and Hastert, why now? Don't get me wrong, Foley is a sick creep that should have never have had the power he got and hopefully goes to a jail. But aren't they just as guilty for waiting? I mean, there was a minor involved.

It's also so wrong now that there was an older man, "sexually involved" with a much younger, easily impressionable, DC intern but was "no big deal" when Clinton did it, from the Oval Office. Clinton was caught and lied to the grand jury about it. Yet, when Foley gets caught, he doesn't lie about it, he resigns and "becomes true to himself" by announcing he is gay. And where is the gay community out standing for this guy? Yeah, ok... he's creepy with his AIM messages towards high school kids. But dude... where are you on this one?

The Democrats are bad people. It's all a smoke screen. It's all a power grab. Don't buy into it!!
These people are not your friends!

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