Sunday, October 15, 2006

Greg Graffin: Cold As Clay

Cold As Clay

I am getting old. I am missing all the good music. I have fallin off the edge. My Tower Records post below says more about that.

My focus on this post is the excellent CD, I found this afternoon on iTunes. Greg Graffin, lead singer of such bands as Bad Religion, one the greatest punk bands of all time (Social Distortion would be the best punk band) released a solo album, a la Mike Ness style. And it is out right awesome.

These punk rock songwriters sometimes can translate their music to other genres very well. It comes from the limited song form they use when composing. No room for themes and variations, it's straight verse chorus verse. You might get a guitar interlude but usually punk songs are riff driven.

Greg Graffin does a phenomonal job on this CD, playing folk, country and acoustic rock. His lyrics are deep and meaningful. However if you can't stand atheist liberals, this is not for you. And this comes from a conservative. (See Inner Logic post below)

Greg's voice lends itself well to his style. Doesn't really have to sing it to sound good.
My faves on this CD are:

The title track Cold As Clay
Don't Be Afraid To Run
Highway (Sounds folky and almost Baroque)
One More Hill (Almost Hank Williams-like)

Anyway good stuff if your ear likes acoustic rock or if you wanna try something new.

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