Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Grunge or what's left of it...

My music tastes are weird. One minute I can be listening to Buddy Holly... the next to Disturbed.

I woke up sometime early Saturday morning and I suddenly had a hybrid of Alice In Chains Down In A Hole and The Day I Tried To Live by Soundgarden running through my brain. I have no idea what that was about. I immediately grabbed my iPod to listen to both songs and shockingly, they were not on there. I had 4300 songs on my iPod and not those two songs. So I spent some time Saturday pulling all the old "grunge" cds and installed them on my computer.

All my Alice In Chains stuff... Old Pearl Jam... STP... Mother Love Bone... you name it, I was installing away. Up to 4500 songs now on the old iPod.

Man... and who forgot STP?? They had like 10 hits or something... They are back together on tour with a new album. I saw them in 1993 here in Sactown. We sat in the back of Arco Arena. I forgot how good STP was until I found this collection of videos on the net. These guys put on a rocking show. And that is what you want to see when you spend your hard earned jack on a concert.

I saw STP, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam...numerous times, Smashing Pumpkins... missed out on Nirvana and Soundgarden. Perhaps Soundgarden will reunite... who knows.

Ah... 1992-1993... out of high school, in college. Flannel shirts, holey jeans... long(er) hair... Blue suede Doc Marten's. I was the shiznit. I bought my first guitar in 1994. Bought my first electric soon afterwards... I think it was the summer of 1994. A white Peavey Strat copy. My first guitar was stolen along with my red Epiphone hollow body I had in 2002. My Fender Tube Amp... twin speakers...300 watts sits behind me. One of these afternoons I need to fire up and cut loose... I am a shit blues rock guy.

Kind of weird... all that shit was 15-16 years ago. Here I am still listening once in a while.

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