Thursday, April 30, 2009

Steve Blogs

Nothing has made me happy this week.

I tore cartilage in my knee... let me re-phrase that, re-tore cartilage in my knee during a back pack hike in Yosemite. Apparently in the x-ray I f-ed up my knee along time ago, back when I was 14 and skateboarding through Daly City on my Santa Cruz Skateboard and orange bullet wheels. One too many ramp jumps and pivoting wall rides I guess.

When I was 14 my knee was swollen three times its size. My mom basically after school one day, after seeing her orthopedic doctor said, I got you an appointment. The next thing I knew after school I was getting my knee drained. It was pretty screwed I guess. And then we moved away a week later and I hung up my skateboard.

I guess the stress up and down the granite steps up to Nevada Falls just took its toll. I could barely walk after the hike. I spent $153 in the emergency room in Yosemite to get a good bottle of Ibuprofen and that was it. Sunday I was sore but managed. That night I fell to the ground in agony three times. I had to go back to the doctor the very next morning.

So Sunday night I canceled a meeting and decided to get it checked. Of course, I guess it was more important for other people that were not going to that meeting that I didn't send a sub in my place. I guess 8-9 hours notice on a Sunday night is reasonable to suggest a replacement right? Or drive down loaded on Vicodin because I could have done that too. No... I went to the doctor.

And found I tore cartilage and had to take a cortisone shot so I could be upright all week. I deal with enough pain in my arms, neck and back... the last thing I needed was a bum knee. I took the shot and then guess what? No get well... it was why didn't you plan for your meeting you missed better? You should have at least tried. Yeah... I tried to go and at the last minute I said no.

Then my computer breaks today and all my email and files and things I need to do are all trapped on it and here I sit stressing out over it. Can't get a new one until Monday and I have a big trip.

Life just sucks right now...


Anonymous said...

I'll take the colonoscopy I had today over your "shit" any time.

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