Saturday, May 23, 2009

KWOD 106.5 RIP

I got off the plane last night er.... this morning, and proceeded to drive home. Late at night I like to blast the radio from station to station. I have all the good stations programmed in a row on my radio (which I thought about 4) that were still cool enough to listen too.

So commercials on one, crappy song on another, I decided to flip to the Alternative, KWOD 106.5, my mainstay for nearly 20 years for cool new rock music.

WTF? Aerosmith? Janie's got a Gun?

Someone playing a joke?

No joke, apparently after umpteen years of playing the latest and greatest in rock music, KWOD 106.5 is now the BUZZ... Music from your prom, high school and bachelor (ette) party from the 90's.

The Buzz, 106.5... oh puke!!

Seriously went from Smells Like Teen Spirit... which is cool to Shania Twain's, "I feel like woman"

Give me a fucking break, WTF happened?

A simple "Thank You", How about Fuck you!!!


c@d said...

Tears in Heaven -> Baby got Back, not even a station break between them.

Steve said...

"With the lights out, it's less dangerous..." "Man, I feel like a woman"

Your hits for the 90's right here and now for Sacramento's Land Park Soccer Moms!!!