Monday, November 16, 2009


So... I am into creativity and writing these past few days... It's a vent I guess when I spend 72 hours with a 3 year old. God I love him and his temper.

Today, I did not need to be creative. It happened write in front of me.

I flew into New Mexico this evening. I got into my hotel. My room... Fired up the TV. Checked email.

Then I heard some commotion. Some foreign language and...

You know those doors between hotel rooms? The ones on the inside so if you had your kids with you, you could put them in there to make one big room for whatever reason you would want to: In Albuquerque, next to the freeway...

So the commotion, the foreign language and it was not Spanish and not Asian so automatically it was Arabic or Farsi, right...

Any how... these dudes undid their locks on their side and started to fuck with my door.

I am all, "Hello?" "Hello?"

Nothing... they really sound like they can get in and shit so I finally went to my door and pounded it yelling, "Dude WHAT THE FUCK??"

What's funny in hindsight, the screwing with my lock did not immediately just stop, it sort of subsided, gradually.

I heard some foreign speak. Then a whole lot of disagreements. Then a few "Fucks" and then they left and haven't been back.

So hear is what I think:

The were looking to scam for a second room and figured they would see if they could get another door open. They did all they could but ran into Steve on the otherside yelling, "What the Fuck??"


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lisa said...

That reminds me of a knock,knock joke.
Not sure which one but I a sure there is one out there somewhere.