Wednesday, November 25, 2009

On The Move...

I am moving again to a more permanent home.

Actually... I bought a home, technically, a second home.

(But how Steve you have no money?)

Exactly... how?

The importance of good credit pays off again. I am not sitting here being a victim of my own circumstance. I am not asking for a government handout. I am not asking for shit. I didn't borrow (okay I did for a week...thanks Terri and I paid back). I didn't do anything but look for an opportunity.

Need a house, have good credit and no money in the right time to buy one when prices are low? Ask a realtor! A good one.

Good Realtors know shit. They know where the opportunities are and can find you creative deals. And when I say creative, I do not mean mortgages. I mean owners that will lease option. OR in my case... Finance it for you instead of using the bank! There are Baby Boomers out there with second homes or have homes that are paid for with no retirement left because Bush Obama fucked up the financial system and they have no money. Some of these older Americans want cash flow. They want the payment from a reliable source. They want to be paid.

I found that opportunity in three months of looking and went for it. I own the house. I am not renting it. I pay interest and I get to write that shit off.

I am the king of all I see. We move next week.

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