Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Saddam's Hungerstrike

Some good comments are bound to come over on BIO as this is posted by me there..

Here we go now… Day one of the Saddam Hussein hungerstrike for peace.

Can’t you just see and predict how this is going to go down?

Day 1 through 4: No one notices or seems to care

Day 5: New York Times features article by some bleeding heart anti-war liberal, who is white and rich and drives a luxury SUV in Jersey. The author likens Saddam’s right to a fair trial to the recent freak snow storm caused by global warming.

Day 6: Al “I can’t shake the Stuart Smalley past” Franken picks up story and begins to comment on Bush or Cheney getting all the food they can eat while Saddam sits starving in a jail cell. He will comment on the ancillary effects or war and numerous civilian casualties. He’ll find a story of a terrorist family who cannot eat because the US troops have a blockade around the home.

Day 7: Jeanine Garafalo burns a bra. Sean Penn books “emergency” trip to Iraq to visit and comfort Saddam who hasn’t eaten in a week, except for those energy power shakes.

Day 8: Michael Moore camps out in front of a KFC and refuses to eat. He brings two kids from Columbine who lost two pet chickens in a slaughter house. The kids have 4 day old fried Chicken they want to return. Pamela Anderson shows up and looks really hot next to Michael Moore.

Day 9-12: A thinner Saddam begins to eat again. He cannot pass up Doritos dangled in front of his cell by our troops handling him. Quasi bleeding heart liberal, John McCain calls for the end of torture of Saddam. Celine Dion gives a repeat performance of “Let them touch those things!” on CNN.

Day 14: Cindy Sheehan is seen barbequeing a dog with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. They also make a sex tape which is downloaded by millions. Cindy answers her phone when the mayor of San Francisco calls during a particularly hot tantric session, ruining the moment.

Day 21: CNN’s Anderson Cooper is still outside Saddam’s jailhouse even though the hungerstrike has ended 10 or so days ago.

Day 50: CNN’s Anderson Cooper is still outside Saddam’s jailhouse. Saddam the Martyr has been hung for his crimes. A collage of photos featuring a defiant Saddam pointing his finger during the trial is played. Sarah Mclaughlin’s “I Will Remember You” is heard in the background.

Yeah, that’ll about do it.

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