Saturday, February 25, 2006

Steve Eats Chick Food, Loses 15 lbs!!


I have never been a big person nor have I been overweight at any point of my life. But I am 32 and figure I should watch what I eat. I have one of those jobs where I am in a truck all day. And with that comes vast knowledge of fastfood restaurant menus.

I am also one of them picky eaters. I don't eat a whole lot of vegetables. But one thing I do like to eat a lot of: Cereal. Whole grain cereal even!

So, I started eating a load of Special K. Sometimes two meals a day. Sometimes even for a snack. I have been doing this for around six weeks. In October I went to the doctor for a concussion. I weighed 205 lbs. Today I went to the doctor and weighed 190 lbs. I didn't lift a finger for excercise either. Freaking amazing!

Special K however, can be very embarassing to buy at a grocery store if you are a dude. I do one better though. I'll order like a month's supply from when we order groceries. It's kinda awesome to have someone go get your food and bring it to you. Then you can order what you want.

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