Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Age of Decadence Ends: Back to Work...

Vegas wrap up...

Day one: I had a lot of fun playing the new Casino Texas Hold'em game at Caesar's Palace. Basically you make a series of bets from the ante to the flop to the turn and river. There is a bonus bet involved with some crazy odds. Money was made here but I'll get to that.

First day earnings, $170

Day two:
I start early hitting the Texas Hold'em table at O'Sheas. I promptly lose $100 and then shell out $75 more. I catch a pair of Aces at 30:1 with a $5 bet and bet out the table and win $150 back. I win two or three more hands and move up to $280, $110 ahead from the $170 the day before. I then head off to Casino Royale for some Blackjack Switch and drop $100 back to $180. I move back to Texas Hold'em at O' Sheas and get my $100 right back. I break for lunch up $280 for the trip.

After lunch, I give $200 back to O'Sheas. In a bit of fury, I take $25 out and head to the Blackjack table and tear up a chute of 7 decks. I leave the table now up $300 for the trip. The people were freaking at the table when I launched myself from $25 so fast. I was nicknamed the "Card Whisperer" because I was literally calling for cards and getting them.

I cross back over to Caesars and win $50 in a nickel machine. I head back to a Casino Hold'em table and proceed to go up $500 for the trip. I head to Tommy Bahama and buy a watch, some silk slacks and a cool Tommy Bahama silk shirt. I am now stylin'. (See photo in post below)

I head to dinner with the family over at the Aladdin. Commander's Palace is freaking awesome and I am glad they have one in Vegas. I drop $100 playing blackjack at the Aladdin. In a fit of rage, I lose $50 on one hand. I went and had a nice meal with my wife, her parents and her brother and two sisters.

Later that evening, I am denied entry with my sister in-laws into Pure. Something with my foot wear the bouncer dude didn't like. I watched as people passed through with tank tops under their unbuttoned shirts and holes in their jeans. I realized then my true calling in life: That Casino Texas Hold'em table. My sister in-laws got into Pure without me and I was quite fine with it. I get $100 back from the Texas Holdem table and I am out. (Apparently, K-Fed Spears, Britney and Paris Hilton were inside Pure this night. Don't drop the baby Britney, ha ha ha ha:))

One last thing about Pure. Rules are rules. If my footwear "violated" their rules on style, fine. I wasn't wearing athletic wear or tennis shoes like their rules indicate but it is their "discretion". What got me mad was how he proceeded to chastise me after I left, with my family members standing right there. Them... is fightin' words! I want to fight that man.

Total winnings thus far, $450

Day three:
I hit O'Shea's after breakfast and dump $250 as fast as Paris Hilton dumps boyfriends. It was lickity split too. Maybe 20 minutes. It sucked. I moped all day because I wasn't allowed into that club. That club was packed too. It made me realize parts of this world are so fake! Fake plastic watering cans... All those little blond things were probably immune to disease from all those fake plastic rubber parts in their scientifically altered bodies. Probably not!! Anyhow...

I stewed about it all day and then bought the movie, "Glory Road" about the all black NCAA basketball team from West Texas in 1966. My wife and I curled up and watched it together on the flat screen in our room. The Belagio hovered outside like a monument to decadence, hence the photo below, two posts down. What a different world we live in where something as intimidating and absurdly built as the Belagio yet we have stories like "Glory Road" to inspire us to just only become decent human beings instead of ignorant fools!

I headed out after the movie into the Forum Shops at Caesars for a new Golf Shirt. I ran into my sister in law and expressed still how bummed I was about the whole Pure incident. We discussed dinner with the family and played some slot machines, $5 here and there. I suddenly pop, $50. We were heading out after to go back to our rooms. I felt good about the $50. Real good, in fact. I saw the Casino Hold'em table and said screw it, I am back in it. I left my "seester" in law and went to the table. I match the $50 with $50 of my own and I start out $10 at a time with a $5 bonus bet. I play every hand. I caught a 7 2 off suit and still played and won. I lost a few hands, I won a few hands but suddenly after treading water for like a half an hour, I get some seriously good cards. In three consecutive hands I catch an Ace Jack unsuited for 10:1 on the $5 bonus and then win the hand on an Ace to 5 straight, an Ace King unsuited for 15:1 on the bonus and another Ace to 5 straight, and then an Ace Jack SUITED for 20:1 on the $5 bonus and yet ANOTHER Ace to 5 straight. I look down at my stack and I have $500 in chips.

I then look at the dealer and just say, "I'm gonna go..." I push all my 5 and 25 dollar chips forward and I get the chip featured below (Click to enlarge image):


I rule!!

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