Saturday, April 01, 2006

Steve's Blog Facts

Some facts about this page:

Since the remodel I have gained top status with Google at number 11. Pretty good for a generic title like "Steve's Blog".

In 2004, I had 1648 visitors with like 1% repeat visitors and 19 visitors a day

In 2005, I had a total of 29,500 hits with 21, 186 unique visitors or 58 per day. Roughly 5% were regular repeat visitors.

So far first quarter 2006, I have almost 10,000 hits, 7,500 are unique or just over 80 per day. 12% are repeat visitors.

I changed the blog in February and continue my onslaught against liberalism here, instead of here. The last three months I have made this place more personal and more observation based than political.

I have not updated my picture blog in 6 months. I should start doing that.

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