Sunday, April 02, 2006

Gambling Winnings and My Black Jack Philosophy

I should go professional. (Not!)

Since January 1st, I have won approximately $1,500, give or take, on a black jack or three card poker table.

I hit a straight flush for $460 at Thunder Valley Casino and walked after hit two more straights in January.

I netted $250 on the black jack table in late February at Thunder Valley Casino.

I hit another $300 a couple weeks back in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Casino playing black jack and Ultimate Texas Hold'em.

And yesterday instead of standing in line at the buffet at Thunder Valley I hit $400 on the black jack table and walked.

This all leads me to believe I might have a system going on black jack. I first set rules. I only go into a casino with $100. I leave the ATM card in the car. No alcoholic beverages to cloud my judgement. I start at a $10 table and bet the minimum. If I win, I take $5 back and leave $15 out. If I lose the next hand I am out $5 and start again with $10. But if I win, I pocket $10 and leave $20 out. I now am up $15 with a $20 bet and $5 of my own money out still. If I win the next hand, I leave $5 more out for a total of $25 and now I am up $30 since the start. I stop at $25 in case of a double down situation or something and if I have to, it's all their money. I play conservatively. If a dealer has a 7 for example and I have 14, I stay. My chances are slim if I hit a 14 against a 17. A 9 or better I hit. If I have a 9, 10 or 11 and a dealer is showing 7 or higher I do not double. If the dealer shows a 5 or 6 and I have an Ace 6 or 7 or sometimes even 8, I double.

Betting this way makes it easy to win. If you catch a streak of 8 or 9 hands on a $10 table and only bet the minimum, you win $80 to $90 bucks. Bet my way and you are almost up to $200 on the same streak and are still only in for $10. If you only catch three hands betting the minimum you win $30 and so do I, but on that 4th hand I have a $2o bet and you are at $10. That 4th hand is the magic hand.

I just need to grow the balls to start betting more. If and when I tap out that $100 I hit the table with, I walk. I am totally gone. It takes courage and self control but it is a must so you don't risk your exposure. Neat eh?

My spoils have gone to Ikea for home organization with the baby on the way. As soon as the light fixture comes in I will post a shot of our Ikea bathroom. Off to install storage for the nursery room.

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